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Common Mobile Phone Issues and Their Solutions

05 Jul 2021, 20:24 GMT+10

Mobile phones are quite essential devices in present times and a key element to society and people's lives. These devices are also actually quite beneficial and productive. Even Mobile repairing businesses and companies are equally flourishing as the cell phone manufacturers since cell phones have become one of the necessities of everyday life.

While there are countless such options available at present in all places, access has gotten limited or difficult due to the circumstances owing to the Covid-19 pandemic. Therefore, it has become even more crucial to pay due heed to your phone's maintenance and care on your own so that you do not have to venture out during lockdown to get your cell phone repaired.

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For that purpose, we will be looking into some of the common issues and problems that cell phone sets are likely to develop and how to avoid them so that your handset does not deteriorate to the point of needing a professional repair.

Slow Running Phone

Your phone set's speed can get negatively affected due to a number of factors. This issue mostly poses itself in older, non-contemporary devices which can be attributed to their smaller RAMs and storage. Sometimes flagship devices can also exhibit this issue though.

You should clean the cache and close the apps running in the background. Delete any additional and unnecessary apps. Keep a small-sized cleaner or booster app to help alleviate your phone's speed. Sometimes an app might be incompatible with your device's system and cause issues. If you receive any such message or notification, delete the said app. If none of these works, a factory reset might help your phone get its speed back. Be careful to back up your data before doing a factory reset.

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Short Battery Life

Another common issue occurring with cell phones is a shortened battery life. Your phone battery might drop very fast while using it and it might even keep reducing when you are not using it. This should be the indication to take steps to restore your phone battery before you need a mobile repairing trip.

Battery life can be increased by keeping your phone at low brightness as long as it's not strenuous to the eyes. Turn off options like GPS, Wifi and Bluetooth when you are not actively using them. Find out in settings which apps are draining more battery and close them in the background when they're not in use.

Cell Phone Overheating

This issue sometimes is originated from a faulty battery or battery issues. You should try the things mentioned to help improve battery life and see if it solves the issue of your phone overheating. If it does not work, try to keep your phone in cooler, indoor spaces and put it on a cooler surface when charging instead of bed sheet or sofa cushions etc.

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Full Storage

A full storage means you do not have space in your phone to store or save any new files or download any apps. It will also lessen your phone's speed and cause it to work slower. Try clearing out space by deleting old, extra and unnecessary data. Transfer necessary data to some place like Google Drive or SD card and clear out phone storage.

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