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Consider to Avoid These Drinks to Save your Skin!

08 Jul 2021, 01:24 GMT+10

'You are what you eat /drink'. You have probably heard this proverb so many times in an online course, diet class, yoga class, gym, or other places. Well, what they said about it is very true. How about the drinks? How can drinks affect your skin? You might have routinely been drinking the beverages I am about to mention below. But you need to know the hard facts so that you can determine what is the best for your body in the future.

Drinks with caffeine content

That includes tea and coffee. It might be surprising for you and wonder why I listed the caffeinated drinks. Coffee, for instance, has a diuretic effect. But the key point here lies in its acrylamide, which can make your skin affected. Caffeine can keep you up for hours and sleep too late. It won't be good for your skin regime. It would take three to five hours to eliminate half of the caffeine dosage in a cup of coffee. That's why I won't recommend you to drink coffee in the late afternoon. Did you know that too much caffeine intake can also lead to insomnia and other sleep deprivation symptoms?

Energy drinks

As you want to keep energized and fit all the time, you should take sports or energy drinks. Well, when you are active out there, the energy drinks might help you to stay active and vigilant all the time. But it does not mean that it is a better drink for you. Despite the benefits of the sports drinks, you will also want to cross-check on their advantages as well. The first factor to consider is the fact that most of these products come with loads of sugar. Such high amounts of sugar is definitely bad for your overall health and your skin.

'so I can drink sugar-free product instead, right?' Not entirely true! Some energy drinks out there claim to be sugar-free. but they mostly come with synthetic sweeteners and artificial colorings, which are bad for your body too.

Mixed drinks

Some drinks are is pro-inflammatory. For that proposition alone, it should be enough reason for you to avoid it at all cost. Depending on your culture, alcohol might have been a part of your lifestyle. It is an ally whenever you are in a bad mood. But whenever you get a hangover, you surely realize that it is not cool at all, right? That will also happen to your skin. It can also be bad for those who are having acne or eczema. You can drink some drinks for special occasions. But don't make it routine.

Milk and dairy drinks

The conventional tips would revolve around drinking a glass of warm milk before sleeping to get a deep sleep. But how many percent can it be true for you? Not to mention that it would affect your skin, especially when you look at the mirror in the morning. Adding milk is good. But you know when to stop and replace it with non-dairy milk to prevent acne reactions.

Sugary drinks

Soft drinks, ice creams, and other fizzy drinks are loaded with enormous amounts of sugar. Even diet coke won't do you any good for yourself. According to researchers, fizzy drinks can lead to premature aging. They can cause wrinkles and fine lines.

So, what is the best drink for your skin? It is the water. Find out more information about it here.

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