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A Beginner's Guide to Investing in Stocks

09 Jul 2021, 01:24 GMT+10

Are you considering investing your money in the stock market? The best and the easiest way to buy and sell stocks is by using an online stock app. But, you might have many confusions before beginning to invest in stocks. In this article, we will walk you through the various things to consider as a beginner before investing in stocks.

Selecting a stockbroker

You can select either a full-service or discount stockbroker. Full-service brokers personalize recommendations depending on each customer and impose higher charges, service fees, and commissions. Beginners can take advantage of full-service brokers.

Discount brokers are the norm these days, and they only provide a trading platform and client assistance when necessary. Therefore, you have to do all the research, and they are suitable for experienced investors who do not need any help.

Identifying the stocks for your portfolio

A lot of research is required before you buy any stock for your portfolio. If you want expert research services, you can go to companies or other internet resources which notify you about emerging businesses. You can also look at what people around you are interested in buying.

Look for trends and firms that will profit from them. For example, online video call meeting platforms saw huge market growth due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Purchasing stocks

You can directly purchase stocks through a brokerage account or using one of the various stock apps available. These apps allow you to buy, sell, and hold your acquired stocks on your smartphone and computer.

Selling stocks

It is just as crucial to know when to sell your stocks as it is to know when to purchase. It is common among most investors to purchase stocks when the market is climbing and sell when it is dropping. If the stock market crashes, do not sell any of your stocks and retain them. The market will eventually recover, and the prices will start to increase again.

Diversifying your portfolio

It is important that you diversify your portfolio by investing your money in various assets. By diversifying your portfolio, you ensure that the total return of your investment is not affected negatively by the bad performance of a single asset. Although, the costs of investing in a vast number of stocks may be harmful to the portfolio.

Charges and commissions

Brokerage is not a free service, and all brokers must earn a profit from their clients in some way. Therefore, they charge you various fees and commissions. The broker will charge you a commission every time you buy or sell stocks. These costs can mount up over time and have an impact on your profitability, depending on how frequently you trade.

You only lose money by entering and exiting stocks if your investments do not generate enough to cover these charges.


There may be some hurdles while starting as a beginner in the stock market. You will have to do a lot of research regarding stock market trends, stockbrokers, commissions, minimum requirements, etc. But once you get to know the ins and outs, nothing can stop you from growing your money.

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