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All that you need to know about Playground Turf

09 Jul 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

When planning to install a synthetic turf in the school playground or your house's backyard, you have to consider many things. The playing field is not a place where you install artificial turf just for decorative purposes. Instead, the playground turf faces heavy foot traffic daily which makes it necessary to install high-quality turf to ensure that it doesn't wear out that easy. By quality, we don't just mean aesthetics but for safety, durability, and comfort. Read this article to clear all doubts on whether you should replace your natural turf with an artificial on:

Who Installs Playground Turf?

Formerly, artificial turf was used by the clients in places where the weather and soil were not supportive of growing grass. In the US, southwestern cities are among those places where the natural plantation is a real challenge. Today with the growing popularity of artificial turf, almost all states are moving towards replacing natural turf with a synthetic one.

Among many other benefits, the cost is a prominent one to steer this decision. Additionally, synthetic grass is a feasible way of increasing green sight without chemicals, fertilizers, and other harmful materials. And there are many more advantages of artificial playground turf and that's why schools, recreation facilities, and sports complexes are moving towards this initiative. Let's learn the benefits of playground turf:

Advantages of Playground Turf

There is a reason why hundreds and thousands of people are showing their interest in synthetic playing fields. Below we have discussed a few of the many benefits that artificial turfs entail:


There is a myth that artificial grass blades can cut or scrape the skin. The synthetic turf is designed to be human-friendly therefore it's safe, soft, and comfortable. And a good quality turf, like that of Synthetic Lawns for Las Vegas, has soft but durable blades. They don't result in cuts but they also don't deform their shape permanently. When someone steps on it. Moreover, the infill and padding provides a cushioning effect if a person falls on the synthetic playground turf.

Unlike natural turf, there is no use of chemicals and fertilizers, pesticides, etc. These chemicals cause chronic health issues when they are in contact for a long time. In humans, there are known reasons for ailments such as respiratory difficulties, cancers, reproductive problems, etc. Artificial grass is antibacterial, which keeps humans, especially kids, safe from allergies. This property of fake grass makes it safe for children to enjoy their favorite job of running barefoot and rolling on the ground without fear of falling ill.


No patches, no mud, but you get everything that you need from a playground. You don't have to spend hours maintaining this turf, yet you can make the most out of it. With a bit of maintenance, your synthetic playing field can last up to 25 years.

With heavy foot traffic of a thousand feet and athletes' extreme jumping and running, artificial playground turf still retains its durability and longevity.

Low Maintenance

As we have discussed above, playground turf takes little to no effort to remain as new as it is. Moreover, there are no mud patches or dirt and debris, so you don't have to clean it daily. You can rinse it with warm water in a week or two or apply light detergent or soap monthly, and it will keep on shining for years to come. You don't have to use expensive harsh chemicals like pesticides and weed killers to maintain it. There is no need for regular watering or mowing, unlike natural grass. In short artificial grass is light on your pocket, and light on your precious time.

Green All Year Round

Isn't it frustrating that you and your staff keep working to keep the natural playground turf lush green, but the weather always wins? All the effort and time but still you can't stop them from turning yellow in summer or shedding off in autumn every year. With artificial turf, you do not have to worry about the appearance of the grass. Have sports tournaments, parties, birthdays, and many more events all year round in your evergreen field.

Environment Friendly

Do you have any idea how harmful the mowers are for our earth? They contribute to the overall carbon emission that is the leading cause of heat waves and various diseases. Natural turf requires regular watering, and it consumes a significant portion of drinkable water whereas artificial turf rarely requires water for washing. Along with so many other benefits, artificial turf is also the safest option for our earth.


Finally, synthetic turf is an inexpensive option with a meager maintenance cost. It is just a one-time expense, and you remain stress-free for the next 25 years. Contrary to this belief, natural grass requires continuous human resources for watering, mowing, chemical treatment, etc.

The cost of installing artificial turf depends on quality, an area in square feet, type of turf, condition of the ground, etc. The larger the size, the lesser is the cost and vice versa. On average, prepare your mind for paying $6 to $15 per square foot.

Disadvantages of Playground Turf

With so many advantages of playground turf, there are few disadvantages that you must consider while making decisions. These cons are listed below.

  • While it is low maintenance in general, you have to maintain its cleanliness quite often in dusty areas because dust and dirt get attached to its blades.
  • It generates static electricity due to which you have to use anti-fixed solution
  • There are loose granules of synthetic rubber in playground grass that get attached to clothes, hair, and skin and go with you everywhere.
  • The temperature of synthetic turf rises way more than the natural turf, and it becomes very hot to touch on warm summer days.
  • Synthetic turf does not have immunity to microbes, but industries have embedded this property in artificial turf to keep consumers safe.
  • The initial cost of artificial turf even before installation is relatively high. Although it doesn't seem too much when you consider it an investment forming 20 to 25 years, affording it is currently a bit challenging.


Considering the financial aspect, the lifetime maintenance cost of natural grass is far more than the initial cost of artificial playground turfs.

The only thing that you need to focus on the most while choosing grass for your playground is the quality because if you get low-quality turf, you will face the real challenges, and also, it will not last for longer and you will have to replace it sooner than later.

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