Sun, 19 Sep 2021

Workplace productivity has always been a top concern for businesses. It becomes even more crucial in the new normal as organizations embrace the hybrid model. As you have to maintain a balance between remote and physical work setups, things can get overwhelming. But solving the productivity puzzle in these challenging circumstances is easier than you imagine. Just implement these rules, and you can build the most productive workplace and team in 2021.

Eliminate motivation killers

Start by identifying motivation killers in your workplace. Not surprisingly, you will find many if you look around. A lack of organizational vision and poor communication systems can hinder the motivation levels of your remote employees. Similarly, toxic bosses and managers, abrasive co-workers, and the absence of professional development opportunities can depress people in the office. Address these concerns and invest in a positive work environment that takes people a step closer to being productive.

Set clear and realistic goals

Encouraging productivity requires clear and realistic goal setting because employees will have a target to pursue. Establish roles and responsibilities for each employee, and convey them. Even better, provide a roadmap they can use to achieve these goals. At the same time, give them the flexibility to do things their own way. They can even offer innovative ideas to complete tasks faster and better. Flexibility also encourages freedom, which goes a long way in enhancing workplace productivity.

Use technology wisely

Technology sets up teams to deliver higher levels of productivity and efficiency, but only if you use it wisely. Complex and cumbersome systems can do more harm than good. Make sure you empower the team with the best hardware and train them to harness the features of these devices. If you give them a Mac, train them to use its shortcuts to do more with less. Educate them about facts like what is other on Mac, why keep the system uncluttered, and how to ensure optimal performance. Training is also vital to ensure they leverage software and applications to boost their productivity.

Incentivize top performers

Valuing people is another rule you must follow to keep the workplace productive and positive. Identify the best performers and incentivize them for good work. Think of creative ideas for incentives and appreciate people for their contributions. It will encourage them to get better and motivate the laggards to close the gaps. You can have an overall better environment in the company by fostering a healthy environment between team members.

Invest in skill development

Even as employees are pretty comfortable with the new working model, there is always a scope to evolve. Investing in skill development is the best thing you can do to score high on productivity levels. Training can help people embrace new tools and understand new processes better. They will contribute more, regardless of the changes and challenges of the current times.

A productive workforce is the mainstay of a successful business, even more during challenging times like these. As a business owner, you must do your bit to help your team become more motivated and productive. Following these rules can take you on the right track.

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