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Things that can go wrong without vent cleaning

21 Jul 2021, 08:24 GMT+10

Cleaning air vents should be as standard as vacuuming your house. But unfortunately, it isn't. Homeowners, in general, spend a large part of their day just to make sure that their house is clean and spotless. But they rarely spare a moment's thought to all the debris sitting inside air ducts. While air vents and air ducts do a fantastic job maintaining the air standard around your house, they also accumulate a large amount of dust and debris over time. Without proper cleaning, air vents turn into hotspots for bacteria buildup and can leave you with all the wrong problems. If you have not cleaned your air vents in a while, here's what you can expect.

Breathing problems: Air vents help filter dust, dirt, and other similar particles from the air and ensure that you have access to clean and fresh air. But what if the very thing that's supposed to filter your air is dirty? Instead of removing harmful particles from the air, it adds to it. A tell-tale sign that you need vent cleaning is dust allergies. Leave your vents uncleaned for a while, and your entire family will be sneezing and coughing throughout the day.

Mold growth: Air vents and air ducts are perfect places for mold growth. They are also ideal for bacteria buildup. If you have pets around, the possibility of a bacteria hotspot increases twofold. Since pets shed fur regularly, the chances of it being trapped inside the air vents are significant. If it is allowed to build over time, it creates ideal conditions to foster mold growth. Much like dust, mold has been known to shed pollen which can cause severe allergies. If allowed to continue, mold spreads around your house and can cause massive problems to the house's physical structure.

Overexerting the HVAC system: You cannot live without your HVAC system. It is a crucial part of any establishment and dictates everything from heating, cooling, air circulation, and air ventilation. Airborne particles, including dust, pollen, and mold, clogs the working systems of your HVAC system. Pushing against the air particles causes your HVAC system to overexert, which in turn increases your utility bills. In the long run, the coils within your system can be burnt out permanently and need replacement. While it might seem like a far stretch for the dust to ruin your HVAC system, it is a more common problem than most people would like to admit.

The Rodent problem: Ducts are perfect for rodent infestation. They are dark, damp, and mirror conditions that foster rodents and vermin. While rodent infestation is a massive problem on its own, you don't need an entire swarm to cause a problem; a single rodent is more than enough. Let's say a single rodent dies inside your air vents. Now, the air that passes through the air vent contains some aspects of the dead rodent. In time, the body decays and lets out a pungent smell which is not only displeasing but can also carry several airborne diseases. Cleaning air vents regularly is another form of rodent extermination. In the long run, the returns are more than worth it.

Reduced indoor air quality: For all the complaints about pollution and poor outdoor air quality, few of us stop to consider the state of indoor air. While the difference between indoor and outdoor air quality is a blurred line for many, the differences are as clear as night and day. When outdoor air enters your air vents, several components of your HVAC system come into play to improve the air quality and air circulation. Depending on your system, outdoor air quality can be vastly improved upon. But for that to happen, you need a mint-condition air vent. If your air vents and air ducts are further degrading the air quality, then you might as well get rid of them.

Many homeowners have been known to draw on inferences from incomplete and invalid research to explain why cleaning air vents don't improve air quality. But in reality, nothing could be farther than the truth. You can't expect to clean a room with a vacuum that spits out everything it takes in. While it does fulfill its primary task, you might end up with more dirt than you started with. Dusty air vents fall within the same category. While they perform their primary task of circulating air around your home, their degree of effectiveness is anyone's guess, which is why cleaning air vents regularly is so crucial. Unclean air vents can result in all kinds of problems. From adverse health effects to ruined HVAC systems, dirty air vents can leave you with more problems than you signed up for. Don't take risks. Get your air vents cleaned today.

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