Tue, 28 Sep 2021

Granite countertops have forever revolutionized interior housing spaces. From your neighbors' bathrooms to celebrity kitchens, it seems as if everybody has fallen in love with granite countertops at the same time. But it's not as if the love is unjustified. Over the years, granite countertops have become a staple in kitchens. They have evolved from luxury to necessity and for all the right reasons. Granite countertops are durable, easy to install, and unlike the late 90s, affordable. If you still do not understand the hype behind granite countertops, here are eight reasons to convince you otherwise.

Granite outlasts all: Granite countertops are as durable as they come. They are convenient in kitchens, where you might not always have a chopping board by your side. With granite countertops, you don't have to worry about scratches or breakage. Most people prefer granite countertops for their durability. And if you have little children at home who do not have the same concern for your countertops as you do, granite countertops are for you.

Easy to clean: A granite countertop is a large slab of granite rock that is processed to fit your needs. At its core, it still retains all the properties of a rock. Since stone is non-porous, granite countertops don't absorb anything you spill on them. This essentially reduces the chances of bacteria build-up around your countertops, which makes granite perfect for bathrooms. And since it is non-porous, everything you spill on the countertop comes off easily without leaving any visible stains. So, if you don't trust yourself around your kitchen, just get a granite countertop. With granite, you can be as clumsy as you want.

Unique: Granite is extracted from nature. As a result, each piece of granite is unique with unique patterns and color combinations. When you select a granite countertop, you choose a unique piece of rock that cannot be found anywhere else. And since every homeowner wants a unique look for their house, granite countertops are a fantastic find. This is also why many home experts recommend choosing your granite in person rather than leaving your remodeling company to do it. Pro tip: Try your best not to be overwhelmed with the combinations.

Higher resale value: Think of a granite countertop as an investment. A tried and tested tactic of re-selling houses is switching to granite countertops around the house. Since granite countertops have been known to give a premium feel to the homes, their value rises significantly. If you are looking to put your place on the market, it might be a wise idea to replace your old and stained laminate countertops with granite. And since granites are timeless, you don't have to worry even if your house is not taken off the market instantly.

Looks and feels good: Granite countertops go with just about anything. It comes in many colors, countless combinations, and unique aesthetic appeal. Whether you are going for a modern look or a rustic 90s kitchen, granite countertops are perfect for all occasions. It comes in four primary colors, brown, white, black, and grey. While the standard color combinations are perfect for increasing your homes' aesthetic value, you can always try other options. The color of your countertop should also match with the wood. If you have light cabinets, increasing contrast with dark countertops can help. But if you have dark cabinets, light countertops are the best.

Easy maintenance: Polished granite countertops need the least care. They don't break or scratch easily, and even if they do, you can always call in a professional for repairs. Granite countertops can also handle the heat, which makes it a preferred option for most kitchens. If your bathroom is prone to staining or bacterial building, getting a granite countertop is the best thing you can do. Since granite countertops are polished, they have a reflective surface. A glossy finish gives your house a shiny and bright look. When it comes to aesthetics and maintenance, granite countertops tick all the right boxes.

Under-mount sinks: Under-mount sinks are great. You can clean everything on your countertop in one swoop. Since granite countertops can be customized to meet your needs, they are the best for installing under-mount sinks. On their own, granite countertops do not need much cleaning, add an under-mount sink, and you are guaranteed a spotless kitchen.

Exotic options: Unlike popular opinion, granite countertops are not a tradeoff between quality and aesthetics. If you prefer high-end countertops, you can always go for exotic options. You can also find several color options for your countertops. That being said, granite is a natural mineral, and you won't find bright solid colors. But look close enough, and you can always find a color palette that brings out the best in your house.

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