Tue, 28 Sep 2021

Image-sharing sites have been around for a long time and they have shaped the industry for good or bad. Millions of passionate photographers have emerged over the years, and they can display magnificent art online. However, it's not easy for a photo-artist to survive on photography only because social media doesn't pay a single penny for the views or followers. Many unsung artists fade with time due to lack of financial support and that's the fate in the creative world.

What is ClickASnap?

ClickASnap is an image-sharing site that has changed the category of image social media. The founders have come with up a unique strategy that will benefit the professionals, who want to generate a decent income from the uploads. If you are excellent photo artists, then you can display your work with the world and earn from it. I have written down everything that you need to know about ClickASnap that receives over two million views per month and is paying the users multiple ways.

Make Money from Views

You can upload unique photos, images, and pictures on the platform, and ClickASnap will pay you 0.40¢ per view. Yes, you read it right. The company will pay you 0.40¢ for every view of the image. But, you have to subscribe to Ad-Free (Pound 2 per month) package, and I will talk about the plans later on. The minimum payout is $15, which is not bad at all, and there are multiple ways to transfer the money into your bank account. The community loves art, creative and unique aspects of the image, and that's what going to get you lots of views.


Many photographers have stunning pictures in their arsenal that the audience would love to purchase for commercial or personal purposes. Fortunately, ClickASnap added a marketplace to the site, where users can purchase the pictures for a cost. The uploader gets to choose the price since you know the true value of the art and creative process that went into it. You can quote Pound 1 or Pound 10, and that is entirely up to you, so there is no limitation here.

Image Protection

I'm happy to inform you that ClickASnap has taken a stance against copyright violations, who save the picture and upload it somewhere else without permission. Internet is a vast space, where no one in the world has full control over it, even the world government. Once a picture is shared on multiple platforms, then you cannot remove it, so the site developers used software-based technology to prevent digital theft.

All users will get code-based protection that will prevent the users from taking snapshots. The window will blur the page instantly, so one can take snapshots from the desktop or laptop.

If you subscribe to Pro-Seller (Pound 6 per month), you will get an advanced feature called WIPT (Watermarkless Image Protection Technology) that will plant an invisible watermark.

I would not say that this will 100% protect your work because I was able to save the images on an Android device.

It's a good initiative that ClickASnap has started to protect the user's digital property. There is no doubt that the developers will improve the digital content protection mechanism in the future.

ClickASnap Revenue Model

The readers need to learn about the company's revenue model, so you can understand how they are sustaining the business while paying you.

Many similar companies don't have a proper revenue model, which forces them to sell their data to corporate firms or advertisers. Nobody wants to put their privacy at risk, even though, it is considered a myth at this point.

Fortunately, ClickASnap has a transparent revenue model, which allows them to sustain the business, pay the creators, and avoid involving themselves in shady business.

Free Plan: You can create a free account and upload images on the platform. However, you won't get paid for the views, so that's the limitation of the plan.

Ad-Free (Pound 2 / Month): You are paying Pound 2 per month for an ad-free experience, get paid for the views, and more.

Seller (Pound 4 / Month): In the seller plan, you get all benefits from the previous package, and you will unlock access to the marketplace.

Pro-Seller (Pound 6 / Month): You get every PRO level feature in this package, and you should check out the 'upgrade' page to learn all about it.

It may seem a little discouraging for several readers that ClickASnap is asking a price before they are paying you, but it's a good thing.

You don't have to worry about the image-sharing site going out of business. You don't have to put your data at risk, and they will protect it. The monthly plan is reasonable for a passionate photographer.

Bottom Line

ClickASnap is a true trailblazer in the business because they are recognizing the work and efforts that go into the creative process. Millions will view your images on the platform and you don't get paid in the past, but ClickASnap is changing the definition. Let us know what do you think about ClickASnap in the comment section below.

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