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The Rise And Fall Of Bitcoin

29 Jul 2021, 18:24 GMT+10

Have you ever heard about the recent trend of the bitcoins rise and fall? If not, then perhaps now is a good time for you to learn about it. The concept is quite simple; it's a virtual currency that is used worldwide by users all over the world. In fact, a single Bitcoin is said to be equal to one US dollar, not in monetary terms but as a form of currency. But what makes it so special is that this currency never moves in terms of actual value, but only in value based on the virtual transaction system that has been created online by an unknown user, who has remained nameless till date.

This is very unlike any other type of currency that exists in the world right now. For instance, most countries have a central bank that prints money to use for various purposes. This money then circulates through the various economic regions of the country until it comes back to the banks where it is either put in circulation or is withdrawn.

In contrast, bitcoins are created through a more complex process, called Mining, that has no relationship to any national government or central banks. But why does it have this reputation of being a top currency? Is it because there are several governments around the world that actually own virtual currencies? This is believed to be true since several governments have already printed millions of bitcoins due to their own monetary needs and for their own protection against theft by private individuals or by businesses. But why do governments issue virtual currencies?

The Legal Issue With Bitcoins

It is not known why many countries issue these currencies, but one thing that is known is that no government or central bank can print any cryptocurrency as a real form of currency on paper. They can only create and recreate cryptocurrencies such as bitcoins through different methods. For example, a government can use electronic transfers or have the money sent through prepaid or post-paid card machines. However, bitcoins are created through a process that is very similar to that of cash, which can be done through banking institutions or online payment channels. If you're interested to buy BTC in Dubai, visit the Coinsfera physical crypto exchange located in Dubai. We're now located in 4 countries, serving customers daily with crypto trading.

Why Have Bitcoins Seen A Sudden Rise?

There have been many theories about why bitcoins have had a rise in value and why they have begun to move from a value based on speculative investment into that of actual ownership. One of the reasons is the technological developments that the public has seen over the last decade. Many people have become aware that they do not need a bank account in order to participate in the online marketplace. They can purchase items online and have them shipped directly to their homes without having to pay taxes on them at the local government offices. Another reason is the limited regulation of the financial industry in many countries around the world.

The third reason is the legal, uncertain future for bitcoins in some governments. This has caused a surge of interest in the business of buying and selling digital goods such as bitcoins. Also, governments have begun trying to develop legal means of regulating the use of virtual currencies by ordinary citizens. Because of the fact that the government does not know what the legalities for bitcoins will be it is impossible to make any predictions about its growth or fall.

The fourth reason is that the price of bitcoins is highly dependent upon the value of other virtual currencies. For example, similarly, the dollar value of the United States dollar is derived from a basket of international currencies. As you may have noticed the value of the dollar varies greatly depending on the economy of various countries. Therefore, when a country's economy begins to contract or becomes weak, the value of the US dollar goes down because of the effect of a large number of buyers of USD on the international market. Bitcoin value also fluctuates due to the high inflow or outflow of customers on the Bitcoin market.

The fifth most important reason why bitcoins have increased in value is the speculative nature of the virtual currency market. When a new technological breakthrough occurs or a political event occurs that causes an increase in demand for a particular currency, there is usually a large amount of money that will be created that will drive the value of that currency up. However, in the three years since the initial release of bitcoins there had been very few instances in which the total value of bitcoins had increased significantly. This was likely due to the fact that until recently most traders were speculating on the failure of real currencies like Japanese yen and Swiss franc rather than on the performance of the bitcoins. However, that situation has completely tilted over the past few years.

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