Tue, 28 Sep 2021

The eighth expansion pack from World of Warcraft is called Shadowlands. It was released in November 2020. It opens up the realm of the dead - Shadowlands, in warcraft lore. It has level squish, new dungeons and raids, covenants in new zones and Death Knight class for the races. On the day of launch, the game sold 3.7 million copies worldwide, breaking records. A lot of players find it good and the game is wildly popular. Here are five reasons why this is one of the top games in 2021.

  • Shadowlands has six zones and each one is widely different - unique. The zones are Revenredeth, Maldraxxus, the capital city of Oribos, Ardenweald, Bastion and the Maw. The Maw is quite Hades-esque and Revendreth is a gothic and vampy land. Maldraxxus and Ardwenweald are forests filled with giant worm creatures and fairies. Ardenweald and Bastion are really pretty and all zones are home to a covenant. If you join a covenant, it opens the campaign at level 60 and gives players access to unique abilities. Players can choose a covenant that matches their play style.
  • Although the game changed a lot, the core remains the same - hanging with friends, killing enemies, battling bosses and levelling. And this is why so many players still love this game.
  • Shadowlands does have some good cinematic work by the creators in the quest experience. The zones are interesting along with returning villains and heroes as well as memorable characters who were banished to the afterlife.
  • The game has been shaken up from the last expansion with all new classes of talent skills, spells, tools and damage rotations. Plus, players can get to a good level with Shadowlands boosting.
  • With the Mythic + keys combination, the Shadowlands dungeons make for a very interesting game. The dungeons provide the required experience to players and also some points.

A lot of players have returned to playing WoW Shadowlands which had a revamped progression and new systems. Those who have come back to the game after a long period have a good number of years' worth of stories to catch up on. The storyline, one of the most important parts of any game, is a worthwhile feature of WoW games. The Shadowlands version integrates new characters and unique areas while still showing older heroes who had been sent to the afterlife. With 'level squish' everyone's levelling has changed and even with that, players still find this game interesting.

Shadowlands has some unique features as well that are different. Here are some of them:

  • There are four groups - Necrolords, Venthyr, Night Fae and Kyrian that make up the covenants. They have their own purposes and keep Shadowlands operating smoothly. Players can align with any of these factions, it's a choice.
  • Once players have mastered heroic and normal versions of the game, they can take it up a notch with Mythic+. This is a dungeon level where you need a key and allow players to join your dungeon. The modifiers in mythic change weekly so that you need to keep up with how to deal with bosses and enemies. You will have to defeat all bosses and a certain number of enemies within a limited time period. If a player finishes on time the keystone will increase the level and make more difficult challenges.
  • Raids are also one area that keeps players engaged as it can take up to five hours to get through this mammoth activity. It involves phases with tactics and strategy to come out as the winner. You need to work as a team and communicate to win it.

Shadowlands has multiple elements in it and even the best players need to spend time to understand the whole thing. But once you do, the game will definitely keep you involved and entertained.

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