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How to Integrate Salesforce with HubSpot

31 Jul 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

Today the different integration practices are becoming profound for improvising over the procedures related to customer experience enhancement. HubSpot Salesforce integration is one of the examples where we can collaborate both platforms for passing the database between the two effortlessly.

HubSpot Salesforce integration

The platform of HubSpot and Salesforce have started working together maintaining the consistency between the sales team and the marketing purposes. The journey of Salesforce with HubSpot has improved the way of working for all types of organizations dealing with commercial activities transactions.

Today people have started working in favor of the management of marketing professionals and Enterprise editions for that they can make for that all the services are transacted effortlessly.


HubSpot is emerging as the engagement platform for bringing all the features in a unified manner. When it collaborates with other platforms such as Salesforce which is one of the powerful interfaces for bringing applications under one roof and synchronizing the same for efficiency.

We can witness greater transformation in the overall working of the internal and external mechanism. Salesforce with HubSpot is a powerful option for the identification of the maintenance of account accessibility and administrative responsibilities.

Requirements associated with Hubspot Salesforce integration

Salesforce with Hubspot is day by day becoming a renowned platform because it has the capability of collaborating with the higher Expectations of the employees including all the customers. Therefore, all the types of organizations of all scales have started adopting the mechanism of working of such integration and automated tools.

For the installation of Salesforce HubSpot integration, integration users must be aware of the certain types of subscriptions and the permissions that need to be taken on behalf of both platforms.

The permissions to be granted from the HubSpot platform

It is highly required to maintain the Hubspot professional subscription or the enterprise subscription. Another requirement speaks in favor of the maintenance of the account access permission inside the HubSpot platform.

Requirements to be kept in mind on behalf of salesforce

One of the foremost requirements that you should keep in mind is the maintenance of the Salesforce edition with the API access ability or you can take another option of Salesforce professional.

If you are one of the Salesforce administrators handling certain systems or you have been assigned the permission set on behalf of HubSpot integration, then you can make sure that you are maintaining the permission set and can easily select the permissions on behalf of HubSpot.

User profile administrative permissions

For the maintenance of the user profile administrative permissions, you should try to keep in mind the following prerequisites.

The first permission is related to the maintenance of API which should be enabled along with that you can view the setup and the configuration settings which need to be switched on.

You can also maintain the modification of the data existing inside the platform on any of the objects related to the generation of campaigns and opportunities so that they can be synchronized seamlessly to the HubSpot.

There is also the requirement of the download app exchange permission packages along with the modification meta-data permissions for the management of integration rules.

Installation steps for the HubSpot Salesforce integration

The very first step for the installation of the HubSpot Salesforce integration is the selection of the Marketplace icon was provided in the main application manager where you can choose the app Marketplace button.

Now the next step is the utilization of the search bar for the location and selection of the Salesforce integration.

You have to click on the button of the installation application which is provided in the upper right corner of the page and you will see the connector Wizard being opened.

After getting connected with the HubSpot platform in Association with the Salesforce sandbox you can choose the option yes which will direct you to log in to the Salesforce account.

You can utilize any option for logging into the Salesforce account and a window will pop up for entering the credentials so that you can begin with the process of package installation.

You can click the button for redirecting to what Salesforce platform for the installation of the HubSpot integration packages and choose the install for all users for further steps.

Now you are installation process has started and at the same time, you need to select the yes button in the dialogue box for getting access to the third-party websites.

Finally, you can click the next button after the package is successfully installed in Salesforce where you have to navigate back to the HubSpot platform wizard.


These are some of the details related to the HubSpot Salesforce integration for which you can keep in mind the certain permissions to be granted along with steps for installation. You can apply this knowledge depending upon the size of the organization and the type of business you are handling.

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