Sun, 19 Sep 2021

A wristwatch is a valuable investment and as such should be maintained. Plus taking care of your wristwatch is cost-effective as you don't have to constantly repair it. This means it should be fully protected and kept safe without irrelevant errors.

There are so many ways to keep your luxury and non-luxury wristwatch safe and valued for a very long life span. What is the effect of sunlight and environmental factors on your wristwatch? How water-resistant is your watch? These and more are some of the questions you should ask as a watch owner.

You have to know that no matter your brand name, no matter how much you buy your wristwatch, even if it's from a luxury brand, it can never be the same if you did not keep it managed. You have to make sure it is kept in a safe place as long as you own it. Here are ways you can maintain your watches.

1. Avoid Dropping It

Make sure you avoid dropping your wristwatch to the ground. It destroys the quality and the ability of the wristwatch to tell time correctly. The impact caused by dropping your watch can also affect the movement pattern of the wristwatch, destroying the inner input of the wristwatch, causing pure damage to the crown, forcing the back of the wristwatch to fly off and a lot of others to talk about. Watches from quality brands like Rolex, Blancpain, and Omega are durable but consistent with a firm surface that can also cause a default.

The timepieces nowadays are very fragile, and they get damaged at any point of a sudden or forceful drop to the ground. Any time the watch comes in contact with a hard surface, it can potentially cause enough damage to destroy it. Put it on your mind that watches are a result engineering process and fixed springs, metal and glass and it can damage when it falls on hard surfaces.

To prevent hitting the watch against hard surfaces or dropping it on the ground, carefully remove it from your wrist or case and keep it away from high spots. Even the most strong and reliable timepieces can break under force. Remove your watch for every difficult task or exercise where you are most likely to fall.

2. Store Your Timepieces Properly

There is a personal case made for wristwatches. These cases are strong and usually made of sturdy materials. It is the safest place to store your wristwatch and primarily house the watch. Although you need to wear your wristwatch regularly, you have to return it to the case immediately. With the box, you will retain the quality as if you had just gotten the watch yesterday.

When you are not wearing your wristwatch and timepiece, it is best to put it into its case or lay it flat in a watch drawer to be accessed easily. Don't place the box on the shelves, high racks, ledges, and any high spot that it might fall from. Also, a scratch on the watch will reduce its quality. This is always avoided with the watch safe house - its case. So, gently place your watch in the safe case of the wristwatch so it won't get affected by environmental factors, heat, cold, sunlight, and so on.

3. Read The Watch Manual

Always read, digest, detail, and comprehend the watch manual because it will help you save your watch a long lifetime. You already know the principle guiding wristwatch from the manual. This manual will give you the most accessible answers to all your questions about the wristwatch.

There is always a specific guideline to their watch for every brand, and it is best if you follow the recommended procedures in the pamphlet. What works for one watch might not work for another watch even from the same brand, not to talk of different brands, So the manual alone contains all the unique listings of each wristwatch or timepiece. Luxury watch starters need to have this at the back of their mind, solid and roaming around the mind. It is essential to read the manuals to learn what works for your wristwatch and how you can adequately take care of it. Information such as watch resistance and so on are so crucial to the persistence of your wristwatch.

4. Clean your Watch Regularly

The wristwatch should be cleaned as often as possible such as swimming or wearing it throughout the day. Use a simple soft clothing material, towel or foam to keep it clean. Avoid the usage of warm water or soap solution. Instead, go for a soft cleaning cloth dampened in the cleaning solution, then use it to clean the band and the case of the wristwatch to avoid any damages. If your watch is delicate and expensive, you can obtain special services to help you clean them.

5. Get it Serviced

If you are looking forward to passing on your wristwatch to another person in the form of a legacy or investment, you have to follow this particular instruction. Unlike monthly serviced cars, wristwatches should be serviced more often, mainly mechanical watches. Give your timepiece a diagnostic check-up to get to the root of its problem before it is too late.

In Conclusion

Make sure you keep your investments in luxury watches safe such as your other forms of investments. Follow all the specific guidelines listed above because this is what will work for you once and for all. Keep your wristwatch clean all the time so it will look new like you have just gotten it. Store in a case that is durable and impact resistant. Don't put them in a high storage place because they might mistakenly fall from there, leading to damage. Be careful with it when removing it from your wrist because it might drop. Lastly, if you are not sure how to maintain your wristwatch at home, you can obtain storage services that are in charge of keeping people's valuables.

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