Wed, 01 Dec 2021

Domestic violence is a sad reality of our society. While the partners shower each other with negative words and violence, the children stand worst affected. It is always advisable to take immediate action against domestic violence by contacting a criminal defense attorney in Philadelphia. While the legal matters are being looked after by the experts, it becomes imperative to take care of children who have been exposed to domestic violence. Today we are going to discuss ways of doing the same:

  • Being exposed to the evils of domestic violence at a young age can be extremely challenging for children. They might experience anxiety and nervous breakdowns in the aftermath and this is why you need to spend more time with them. Something as simple as reading them a storybook can help alleviate their stress levels and foster mutual happiness.
  • Children might have countless questions in mind once they see the fateful event firsthand. Parents need to be truthful about answering that. However, all answers should be given in an age-appropriate manner. There is no point in giving out intricate details unless your children are in a position to understand the same. It always pays to be honest while answering your child's queries as the imaginative minds of children tend to make up stories worse than the reality if their questions are left unanswered. Maintaining an honest perspective can help children fully comprehend what has happened while offering them a higher level of power and control over the situation.
  • It is always easier talking to people who are good listeners. The same also holds for children who prefer discussing traumatic events with neutral and supportive seniors. Active listening can be a great means of connecting with children. Parents should be cautious about not levying much pressure on the young buds to reveal something which they might not be comfortable talking about.
  • Children might feel unsafe after witnessing the evils of domestic violence. In such a scenario, they just wish to feel safe. While talking to them adults need to use positive words like 'doing everything in their capacity.' However, they shouldn't make false promises as children might dive down a spiral of anxiety if they somehow fail to deliver upon the promises made.
  • The best thing about hobbies is that they tend to help us focus on things we enjoy. Children who have witnessed domestic atrocities should be asked to indulge in their hobbies as much as possible. This can be creating art, playing sports, or spending time cuddling pets. Encouraging children to take up hobbies can bring down their stress levels drastically. Experts also prescribe enrolling children into meditation or yoga classes as they can calm the kid's minds and foster positive thoughts.
  • It is very obvious for children to feel traumatized and threatened after witnessing domestic violence. A quiet environment can help soothe their nerves and make them feel safe. Comfortable furniture and lower lighting can make kids feel safe and grounded.


Domestic violence brings physical, sexual, mental, verbal, emotional, and financial abuse under its purview. Following the tips mentioned above can help reduce the impact of such violence on young kids.

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