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Story of Yemin (The Promise)

28 Nov 2021, 03:24 GMT+10

In Istanbul, the Tarhun family is a wealthy and well-known family. Hikmet Tarhun (Berkant Muftuler), the family's patriarch, is diagnosed with a fatal illness and begins to be concerned about his family's future.

Cavidan (Gul Arcan), his wife, is a ruthless woman who just wants to solidify her position among Istanbul's upper crust. His brother Kemal (Can Verel) is a wealthy lawyer who is attempting to rebuild his life following the death of his wife. On the other side, his son Emir (Gokberk Demirci) is a daring young guy who would rather take risks and do anything he wants than work in the family business.

Hikmet wants to get everything in order before he dies so that he doesn't leave behind a disjointed family. His son, he believes, should be given greater responsibility as quickly as feasible. As a result, he expects him to marry shortly. Reyhan (Ozge Yagiz), his nephew, is the ideal wife for him.

Reyhan is a young girl from Erzurum who has been raised in a traditional manner and is innocent, humble, compassionate, and attractive. She is left alone after her mother passes away, and she does her best to survive. When she discovers that her uncle wants her to marry his son Emir, she is taken aback.

Reyhan is first apprehensive about marrying Emir because she is unfamiliar with him. However, she accepts the marriage proposal after learning that her uncle Hikmet is nearing the end of his life owing to a terminal illness.

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Reyhan abandons her life and travels to Istanbul with her uncle. When she moves into Tarhun's residence, her life changes dramatically.

The Tarhun family's world is turned upside down. Cavidan is adamant about not marrying Reyhan. She has a low opinion of her because she hails from a poor background.

Cavidan believes Cemre (Ceyda Olguner),watch Yemin all episodes English Subtitles, Emir's boyhood buddy, is a better fit for him. Cemre is from an affluent family and has long had feelings for Emir. Cavidan wants to see Cemre as her own bride since it will help her gain favour with Istanbul's upper crust.

Emir, on the other hand, is adamant about not marrying Reyhan. He is unfamiliar with her and has no immediate plans to marry her. He is baffled as to how someone can accept an arranged marriage.

When Reyhan arrives in Istanbul, she quickly learns that she is unable to adjust to her new surroundings. She wishes to return to her village, but she is unable to stop her uncle. Hikmet's dying request is for his nephew to make a vow to him that Reyhan will do everything she can for this marriage.

Reyhan swears that she will marry Emir and that she will not give up in the face of adversity. Things become more problematic when she learns she would not be able to have a real marriage with Emir.

Cavidan swears that she will make Reyhan's life in Tarhun House as difficult as possible, and that she will do whatever it takes to get her out.

Emir, on the other hand, agrees to marry Reyhan in the end. He does promise, though, that he will make Reyhan's life so difficult that she will divorce him. Emir wants to show his father that forcing his son into this marriage was a bad mistake. After demonstrating this, Emir wishes to reclaim his freedom and begin making his own life decisions.

The Vow (Yemin) is a television series about a young girl named Reyhan who comes to Istanbul to keep her promise and marries a wealthy young man named Emir. Will Reyhan's Cinderella storey come true? Will Reyhan be able to keep her word and put up with all for the sake of her marriage? Will Emir try to make Reyhan's life as difficult as possible in order to gain his freedom? Is it possible that Emir may develop feelings for Reyhan? Will Reyhan find it difficult to adjust to her new life in Istanbul? Will Cemre express her affections for Emir at some point.


Emir (Gokberk Demirci): He's daring, attractive, and a womaniser. He values his independence and wants to do whatever he wants, including driving automobiles and motorcycles. To appease his father, Emir studied architecture and completed his master's degree overseas. He returns to Turkey after studying abroad and lives a carefree life rather than taking responsibility. Emir does not want to work in the family business and does not want to marry someone he has never met. Emir accepts his father's request to marry Reyhan in order to demonstrate that his father made a mistake. He finally wants to be able to make his own life decisions and reclaim his independence.

Reyhan (Ozge Yagiz): She was raised in a traditional manner in Erzurum (a city in eastern Turkey). She is naive, modest, meek, and compassionate. Reyhan has a strong attitude and the courage to face all of life's challenges just because she made a promise to her uncle. She is unable to reveal that Hikmet has been diagnosed with a terminal illness.

Cemre (Ceyda Olguner): She is Emir's childhood buddy and has long had affections for him. Cemre will go to any length to maintain his proximity to Emir and gain his attention. Even though Emir regards Cemre as a friend rather than a woman, Cemre refuses to give up her feelings.

Cavidan (Gul Arcan): She is the mother of Emir. She is avaricious and seeks to solidify her status in Istanbul's upper crust. She has a low opinion of Reyhan simply because she is not from a wealthy household.

Hikmet (Berkant Muftuler): He is Reyhan's uncle and Emir's father. Hikmet wishes to delegate greater authority to Emir in order to avoid leaving behind a fractured family. He wants Emir and Reyhan to marry as soon as possible. Hikmet wishes to see Reyhan as his bride and supports her all the time, even if his wife and son do not approve of the marriage.

Suna (Sila Turkoglu): She's Emir's younger sister. Her infirmity prevents her from walking.

Kemal (Can Verel): Emir's uncle he is. At the family firm, he works as a lawyer. Following the death of his wife, Kemal makes every effort to assist his daughter, who has been talking. When it comes to his daughter, he is extremely fussy. He has a strained relationship with Cavidan.

Yemin (The Promise ) Tv Series Cast

  • Gokberk Demirci as Emir Tarhun
  • Ozge Yagiz as Reyhan Tarhun
  • Can Verel as Kemal Tarhun
  • Ceyda Olguner as Cemre
  • Berkant Muftuler as Hikmet Tarhun
  • Gul Arcan as Cavidan Tarhun
  • Sila Turkoglu as Suna
  • Yagmur Sahbazova as Narin Tarhun
  • Cansu Tuman as Feride Tarhun
  • Cansin Mina Gur as Masal Tarhun
  • Mustafa Simsek as Talaz
  • Esra Demirci Coban as Melike
  • Derya Kurtulus Oktar as Sehriye
  • Melahat Abbasova as Munevver
  • Elif Ozkul Elsayit as Kumru
  • Gozde Gunduzlu as Oya Tarhun
  • Hulya Aydin as Songul
  • Miran Efe Achilov as Yigit Tarhun
  • Can Caglar as Taci
  • Baris Gurses as Sefer
  • Yagmur Akdag as Nigar
  • Ali Dereli as Zafer
  • Tugce Ersoy as Suheyla
  • Yavuz Ketenci as Resit
  • Emre Kerem Ketenci as Semih

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