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10 Awesome Video Maker to Improve Productivity

23 Dec 2021, 21:24 GMT+10

Productivity means the efficiency of a person regarding the completion of any task. A higher productivity rate is the high rate of performing tasks with maximum speed. Time is a key point while measuring the productivity level so it must be managed.

Video can be a good source of telling a story in a few minutes. Video productivity can only be improved by planning, tracking the time, and using an efficient video maker. Animation is an emerging technology that is used in every sector beyond the entertainment world. The Following 10 best-animated video makers are helpful in improving productivity in any field.

  1. Doratoon

Doratoon is the finest video maker that works best to enhance the productivity rate to its maximum extent. Its huge collection of templates and designs makes it the best among all the video makers. It also provides 8000+ cartoon characters that enhance relatability.

Doratoon provides up-to-date features to the users that aid them to create a masterpiece in a short time. It provides all of its services for free as compared to its rivals. Because of its versatile nature, it fits in every situation for every field of life.

Moreover, its user-friendly interface makes the process very efficient and easy even for beginners. Its voice-over feature, the AI dubbing tool enhances its working speed by reducing the time taken to perform the task.

Additionally, it provides ppt to video converter, timeline approach, the addition of sound, subtitles, and video, footage editing tools that widen its uses in different areas. It is advised to visit their official page to learn more about the Doratoon and its key features.

Top Features of Doratoon

As mentioned earlier, Doratoon's incredible features are the reason for its success. Below some of its main features are described that make it best to enhance the productivity rate:

  • Efficient editing options

Doratoon not only lets the users create animated videos but also provides the facility to customize and edit the videos as per choice or need. For instance, it offers options to change the background, add filters, and control opacity level.

  • Large layout and cartoon characters list

Its huge collection of cartoon characters permits the user to enhance the relatability factor of the videos. Moreover, it provides a lot of layouts and designs that are also customizable.

  • Efficiency and high productivity

Its up-to-date tools make the resultant video more attractive and informative. It provides a high productivity rate because of its high working speed where you just have to spend a few minutes to get a remarkable video.

  • User-friendly interface and compatibility

It is specifically designed to facilitate the users to the maximum extent. The website also provides guidance on how to create an animated video easily. Moreover, the website supports all types of browsers.

Steps to use Doratoon

The process is very simple as well as quick. Following are the step-by-step instructions to operate.

Step 1. Head toward the page of Doratoon then signs up there to begin the video animation procedure with the account.

Step 2. Right after the sign-up, you have to click on the "Workbench" button which is positioned at the left side top and after that continue further.

Step 3. you have to click the "Create New Video" which is the option there and stay for the beginning of the magic as it will take you to the page animation online editor.

Step 4. Now you find yourself in the center of the video animation. With this, you are able to make and export the video animation of your taste and choice.


It is the best choice for beginners because of its free services and user-friendly interface. It's easy drag and drop feature is an attribute that aids users to increase their productivity level easily. It enables the users to make six different types of videos including whiteboard typography, 2D handcraft, etc.

Moreover, it provides the facility of both vertical and horizontal layouts with the HTC support to create best-level videos in a short time. It also provides voice-over text-to-speech options and tools to add sound music for background into the videos easily.


It is a Windows, Mac, and Linux windows supporting video maker. It is highly used for marketing purposes as it is freely available for commercial and non-commercial purposes to create 2D animated videos. It provides digital drawing tools and different color palettes to the users.

Moreover, its GTS scanning along with TWAIN-supported features make it best to be considered. Its various keyboard shortcuts increase productivity level with high working speed.


It is considered important modeling, rendering animation software because of its exceptionally working tools. It can be used to create new characters and the environment of the video along with creating motion graphics.

Its MASH tools let the user add signals, world, placer, and many other nodes in the animated videos. While its Motion graphics tools are best to add effects and animations in the cartoon videos. It also lets the users play with realistic 3D effects to make an outstanding professional video.

Adobe Animate

It is not a freely available software, but it is an excellent animated video maker because of its interactive vectors that can be used in apps, games or to make moveable cartoons. It lets the user easily share all the content made on this platform by using a Mobile Device or a computer.

Its pressure-sensitive vector brushes make the sketching or drawing very precise and also provide the frame animation to make the sketches walk, talk, and blink. Its drag-drop option also makes it best to be used to enhance the productivity level.


Photoshop is considered the best video maker because of its drawing efficiency. It lets the users create Disney-style animated videos by providing unique frame animation techniques. It also provides a timeline feature to the users so they can use the onion skinning process to make outstanding animated videos.

It supports all types of video formats and color modes to make eye-catching videos. It can let you adjust styles and opacity of layer properties that in a result become a reason to cause movement or transformation in animated videos.


It provides a complete toolset to create high-level animated videos by professionals as well as artists. It provides a tool that helps to create shape, bend or twist in videos that are compatible with smart bones. By using realistic motion blur features many frames can be managed.

After Effects

It is the best tool to create transitions, movie titles, and cinematic introductions. It provides options to create an animated character, logo, or initiate rain or fire in the videos. It is compatible with many other Adobe apps. Its services are available on the basis of the monthly fees.


The flexibility of this software makes it best among all, it lets the users customize the cartoon characters with different hues of color and bring diversity to the created videos. Give the characters a voice by using the voice-over feature and then the characters will auto-lip-sync.


It is the last but not least in the video maker list. It is best to create a 3D animation through a polygonal modeling approach. It has the ability to adapt to the environment in which tools and frames are working. It provides Wiki tutorials that let the users learn

how to use features like shadows, texturing, and symmetric modeling.

Ending Remarks

To increase the video productivity level the video maker has a great impact on the whole process and planning. Choosing an excellent video maker like Doratoon automatically shifts the productivity rate to its high extents without user interference.

All the video makers are designed to perform the task efficiently but the additional features and quality of the resultant video make the difference. Doratoon suits best in all the conditions desired to enhance the productivity rate. To learn more about its features it is advised to visit their official website.

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