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Death is viewed differently in Asian religions than it is in Judeo-Christian civilization. This difference in perspective not only results in drastically different death ceremonies but also in a broader variation in how losses are mourned. There are far too many distinctions between Asian and Western cultures to enumerate, but when it comes to mourning and sadness, differing perspectives on how time passes, what happens to the soul after death, and how the dead can and do interact with the living mean that death is handled differently in many Asian cultures and religions including Singapore.

Reincarnation is a key subject in Taoism, as it is in Hinduism and Buddhism, and death is considered to be a component of the reincarnation cycle. Taoist Funerals and the rites observed by mourners are considered a means of assisting the deceased in their transition to the next life, as well as preventing evil spirits from affecting the survivors. Paper reproductions of common home goods are sometimes buried or burnt alongside the deceased.

Taoist funerals are also risky because evil spirits may follow mourners home, and there are specific procedures that need to be followed to avoid this. Depending on the relationship to the departed, there is also mourning attire to wear.

Losing a loved one is painful for Taoists, whose religious traditions encourage them to concentrate on the transition to the next life rather than the end of this one. While following specific rituals might help people go through sorrow, many people discover that they aren't enough, or that their mourning does not follow the schedule that their faith promotes. Professional counseling can assist you in making sense of and moving through your sorrow while also holding a unique funeral service establishing strategies for maintaining your relationship with your loved one.

Most traditional Chinese funerals in modern-day Singapore are held in a public location and are handled by funeral homes. Because most high-rise households have limited space, it is common to practice carrying the coffined body to a funeral home. The casket and altar table are covered by a three-sided canopy. The family keeps a vigil there and performs the pre-burial rituals, which last three, five, or seven days-always odd numbers (associated with the spirit world or to signify continuity, according to different interpretations). Burials are frequently held on Sundays to make it easier for visitors to attend. If Sunday is an even-numbered day, the casket is rotated once to mark the passing of a day. Pieces of red paper are placed along the path to safeguard the people from fatal airs in the vicinity.

Cremation is a prevalent practice in Singapore due to land restrictions, and the majority of crematoriums are run by Buddhist temples. The family returns the day after the cremation to separate the bones from the ashes, avoiding touch with the body by using chopsticks. They arrange the bones in an urn, feet first, in their anatomically correct order, before sealing and covering it with a strip of red fabric. The urn is kept at a government columbarium or a Buddhist temple's library.

This is where Singapore Funeral Services comes in handy. We understand that you remember the little things about a loved one the most. Our caring staff is here to assist you in creating a personal and meaningful funeral ceremony to commemorate your loved one's life.

Let us assist you in celebrating the small moments when it comes to saying farewell. You'll have more time to reflect on the small details that make up your story if you plan ahead of time. We can assist you in creating a one-of-a-kind farewell that is unique to you.

Our committed and skilled funeral directors will work with you to create a one-of-a-kind and personalized funeral that honors the life of the deceased.

Once you've spoken with our funeral director and permitted them to take your loved one into their care, you'll need not worry about anything else. We have everything under control.

We pledged to help and support local families in remembering and honoring their loved ones. We enjoy investigating and telling ordinary people's tales, bringing their memories to life in a unique and heartfelt way.

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to memorializing a loved one. Funeral services in Singapore take the time to get to know you and your family and to assist you in sending your loved one to go in the most dignified manner possible.

We provide typical funeral, cremation, and memorial services, as well as more unusual and personalized options. If you have a specific service in mind, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate it within our standard package. We also provide simpler cremation services, in which we handle the process and you have complete control over the memorial service. For additional information on any of our funeral services, contact our staff.

Taoist Funeral Package

We understand how difficult it is to make the many decisions that accompany a loss. Funeral Service Singapore supports you in making emergency arrangements by providing the highest level of service at a reasonable Taoist Funeral Package. The most affordable Taoist funeral package available is $7500 for a three-day funeral and $8500 for a five-day funeral. Among the Taoist Funeral Package we provide are:

  • Body collection and transportation: The Funeral Service Singapore receives bodies from hospitals and transports them in a timely and comfortable manner to temples or cremation sites.

  • Taoist Casket and Embalming includes

  • Professional embalming (for local and burial Cremation)
  • Body care includes cleaning the body, dressing them up in the best possible attire, and makeup
  • Half Glass wooden casket available in 3 different colors

  • At the wake, Singapore Funeral Services presents a casket surrounded by fragmented candles, fresh flowers, and photos of the departed as a Taoist funeral ritual. In addition, we provide;

  • One photo enlargement (10' by 12') and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Floral frame (10' by 12') and 6 Passport-sized photos
  • Donation Collection Box and Record Book
  • Taoist Memorial Altar Arrangement
  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl, and Pillow Set (1 Unit)
  • Table-Top fresh floral setup (2 Pieces)
  • Void Deck covered with curtain and carpet
  • Fifteen (15) Square Tables
  • Ten (10) Round Tables
  • One Hundred (100) Plastic Chairs
  • Fans and General Lighting
  • Ivory Table Cloths & Seat Covers

  • Paper products include

  • Funeral Lanterns appropriate for the respective dialects (1 pair)
  • Paper House depending on the respective dialects (8ft)
  • Gold and Silver mountains (1 set)
  • Guardian Angels (Golden Boy/Jade Girl) (1pair)

  • Taoist Priest Chanting Ceremony

  • Encoffin
  • Final Night
  • Funeral Day

  • Taoist Funeral Procession Funeral Service

  • Glass Hearse
  • Air Conditioned 50 seated Bus (two ways)
  • Towel Souvenirs for guests
  • Cleansing Flower water

  • Mandai Cremation Fee
  • Cremated Ash Collection Service

  • Other additional items for Buddhist funerals
  • Mobile toile x 1 at $ 80 per day
  • Chiller x 1 at $ 50 per day
  • Food catering, drinks, and other miscellaneous
  • Consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds are billed on a consignment basis
  • Additional or upgrade night Monk chanting sessions
  • Post funeral Monk chanting sessions
  • Placement of Ashes (7th 49th 100th days prayer sessions)
  • Incense paper, Paper House offerings, Car, etc
  • Photography and videography services
  • Mourning dresses and garments
  • The sound system includes a speaker, mic, music stand, amplifier, etc

We have a devoted team of specialists who treat every part of the service with respect, dignity, and discretion. We'll be by your side from beginning to end, leading you through the process and ensuring that everything goes as planned. Our funeral directors are committed to giving the finest level of service regardless of your circumstances.

If you're unsure where to begin, we'll work with you to create a plan that meets your needs. We've conducted thousands of funeral services over our decades of expertise, providing us the knowledge to assist you in planning a memorable ceremony.

The crew of Singapore funeral services is always available. We have competent employees available to assist you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We know the intricacies that go on behind the scenes of the ceremony because of our experience. We have the expertise to handle any administrative and legal paperwork that is required.

We will take care of the deceased and respectfully finish the arrangements.

Attending a viewing to pay your respects is a typical and beneficial approach to coping with bereavement. It's a private time to say your final farewells before the funeral service began.

In funeral services Singapore we try to bring your family and friends together in a comfortable setting. The audio-visual and catering services in our modern chapels are available. Alternatively, we can arrange for a service at your preferred location.

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