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The first impression of visitors about an event is often formed when receiving invitations. Even such a small detail can draw the attention of guests and create the necessary initial image of the event. Of course, for this to happen, the invitation must be designed in an original way and support the general style of the event.

Choosing between an email invitation or a printed invitation is an important part of planning your holiday. A postcard might seem, at first sight, to be such an insignificant thing, but it consists of so many nuances that it might blow someone's mind: color palette, typography, background, graphic elements, images and so on. It is this attention to detail that helps you create your own invitation design, even if you do not have special skills and knowledge.

Nowadays you do not need to be a professional designer or even if you do not consider yourself as a creative type, an online invitation and poster maker with a variety of ideas, pictures, fonts and graphic elements, that even a kid will end up with a masterpiece. But anyway, before starting this fun process, try planning a bit.


Whether it is a birthday, a wedding, or just a family dinner, before you start your work, consider how you want it to be. Brainstorming will help you gather all the ideas together and then choose the design that best suits the theme of the holiday.

2.Postcard size

One of the general rules for creating invitations states that the more free space remains on the card, the easier it is to perceive the information on it. Whichever size you choose, the ratio of the amount of text and free space should be harmonious. To understand where this line is, try sketching in 1:1 size. This will help you to really imagine what you will get as a result.


Content is the heart of your invitation. If your guests do not have the necessary information, they will not come at all or will not come on time! Therefore, before getting carried away with the creative process, remember that the main function of the invitation is to inform. Be sure that all the necessary information for the guests is covered well. That is:

  • date, preferably with the day of the week and year;
  • start time of the event;
  • location: restaurant, cafe, town hall, the church; you need to specify the exact address;
  • the name of the guest of honour of the holiday: if it is a wedding - the names of the bride and groom, if the birthday or anniversary - the birthday person.


The basic rule is that the style should reflect the nature of the event. If this is an invitation to your personal painting exhibition, let the colours, fonts and decorative elements reflect its character and theme.


Colours are the first things that are noticed by our eyes, they already make an impression before the content is covered. Choose a colour palette that best suits the theme of the event. Experiment with combinations of background and fonts. For the most harmonious combination, try using a tool such as a spectrum wheel. Choose a colour on it that will be the main one. And the one on the opposite side of the wheel will be a good pair. Of course, shades that are on the same line with these colours can be used as additional ones. But try to include no more than 3-4 colours in total in your layout.


A lot does not mean good. Simplicity and minimalism are the best way to impress your guests. Be concise with your wording. Highlight the main thing and do not overload the invitation with unnecessary and cumbersome elements.

Design ideas

  • Fortune teller invitations

Made in the form of origami predictions, these fun invitations convey a lighthearted and positive atmosphere of celebration.

  • Movie poster

This option is suitable for those who adore cinema and simply outstanding creative personalities. If you are expecting just such guests at a wedding, birthday or other celebration, try making invitations in the style of vintage or modern movie posters.

  • Travel theme in invitations

The original design creates an atmosphere of adventure and interesting travel. Passports, visas, tickets, postcards, cards, souvenirs - all this can be used as a basis for creating invitations.

  • Film roll

A successful element of a theme party, wedding or other events will be invitations in the form of film rolls.

  • Unusual materials

Modern printing capabilities allow drawing and text to be applied to any material, including glass and plastic. These invitations will look very fresh and creative. If your wedding invitation text is printed on a transparent surface, you can experiment with the background. For example, make an invitation box, where information about the wedding is a lid, and under it is a cute gift for guests, for example, sweets.

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