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How to Tackle Page Experience Challenges

02 May 2022, 02:24 GMT+10

It is much easier to improve your SEO strategy by updating your website and making it customer-friendly. You increase the overall user experience by having an optimized page that can increase conversion rates.

There is more to having a well-designed landing page for your website, and ensuring user experience (UX) is topmost. In the mobile age, people still view your site on desktop devices.

The best way to tackle page experience challenges is to hire the best digital ecommerce agencies in the UK having experience in improving the UX of the overall website.

However, most customers will visit the page on a mobile device. Still, many users come to your page through desktop devices. Therefore, you should make your site easy to navigate for mobile and desktop users.

This article teaches how to put your tools to work and improve your desktop page experience to increase conversion rates.

Defining page experience?

Page experience is one of the essential customer experience indicators on your page. This metric is all about how well your website is optimized and relevant to your target audience. It can tell more about issues that rank your page below, resulting in a high bounce rate and low customer satisfaction.

Why optimize your website for desktop and mobile?

In most cases, the tests you run to optimize your site will normally measure the contrast and speed of the images and text. It is also important to note that the page experience on mobile devices and desktops may be different. When you make your web pages suitable for desktop and mobile devices, you increase your business success.

With well-designed pages, you can convert more customers that visit your site. Research shows that most customers visiting your website from Google search results are most likely to spend an average of 45 seconds on your page. If you can make your visitors stay longer on the page, you increase your chances of converting them.

When you have your website optimized for both mobile and desktop, you improve UX and increase customer retention. Many visitors bounce off your page, indicating something is wrong with the customer experience.

Page experience for both mobile and desktop should be similar. This can increase your site rank and generate more brand awareness and customer conversions. You can take the help of the Page Experience report in GA to find issues related to page experience on your site.

What are the most common challenges in improving the desktop experience?

1 - Text, images, and titles appearing too short

The only difference between desktop and mobile devices is the size of the screen. Both text and title should be adapted to desktop and mobile users. If the text appears too long on a mobile device, it may appear too short or not visually appealing on a desktop device. This also applies to images.

2 - Loading time

Website loading time can also be a critical issue you want to consider. The loading time may become a big issue when using mobile devices if it is not adapted to use. The easiest way to improve page performance is by minifying JavasScript.

Through minification, you can reduce the file size, remove comments, and other unnecessary white spaces, which may make a page load faster. When doing all these, your objective is to ensure the best customer experience on your website.

3 - Broken and insecure URL

Another way to improve the desktop experience is to check all the site URLs. You want to ensure that all the URLs are secure and that there are no missing links.

All the data on your site should be encrypted and secure to improve customer experience and build trust with users. This will help your website rank higher on search engines in terms of credibility.

There is a lot that your business benefits from when you have your website optimized for both mobile and desktop. You can rank at the top of Google and other search engines, which translates to an increase in conversion rate and sales.

Google ranks a mobile-friendly website at the top because it intends to boost the user experience for everyone searching on their search engine. Most search engines reward websites that are after improving CX.

Final Thoughts

You can improve your website page experience in many ways. You can apply some of the tips shared here to improve your website and rank it at the top of organic search.

Any business working toward getting the best results on Google Search Console should always consider using the best SEO agency.

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