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Guide to Allegiant Air Fees and Packages

06 May 2022, 22:24 GMT+10

Allegiant Air is one of the most popular airlines in North America. It is an American ultra-low-cost airline that operates charter and scheduled flights. Do you know Allegiant airlines is the fourteenth-largest commercial airline in North America?

Being an unusual and cheap North-American airline, Allegiant Air is best known for its cheap airfares and packages. If you're planning to fly with Allegiant Air, you must know about their air fees and packages prior.

To help you in this manner, our ultimate guide to Allegiant Air fees and packages will be proven fruitful to you. Get detailed information about airfares through this blog. With the help of this guide, you can smoothly execute your upcoming air journey with Allegiant Airlines.

Ultra-low-cost carriers like Allegiant Air are built around the 'a la carte' model, where the base airfares don't include basics like seat assignments, bags, or a pack of crackers. It also carries loads of 'gotcha' charges for clueless customers. For instance, failing to print your boarding pass will incur a stupid amount of five-dollar as a boarding pass printing fee. And paying for a checked bag at the airport can cost more than paying during the booking process. If you already know about these tiny things, it can save you a headache and extra money.

Well, these fees might vary from flight to flight, we'll look at a real-world round-trip flight from Texas, Austin, to Las Vegas. The base price of this ticket was 74 USD.

Trip Rate:

  • Flights ($17.80)
  • Carrier Charges, Taxes, and Gov't fees ($56.20)
  • Total in USD ($74.00)

The above-shared figures represent only a fraction of the total possible cost of the flight ticket. Now it's time to look at some other types of fees you may find during your Allegiant Airlines booking.

Baggage Fees

All regional airlines expect Southwest to charge for bags, but Allegiant Air has one of the most confusing and over-rated baggage fee policies. There are 2 points of this system that are essential to keep in mind:

  • This airline charges overhead carry-on bags, without exception. The cost of this huge carry-on is typically the same as checked baggage.
  • This airline charges extra for bags paid at the airport than online. Paying for a carry-on or checked baggage at the airport typically costs fifty dollars each, which would total $200 for round trip tickets if you'd one of each.

Checked Bags

For checked bags, passengers have to pay per bag depending upon the route flown. Paying for these bags at booking is still affordable, paying pre-departure is more costly and paying at the airport is always 50 USD per bag.

Now see the example of the price breakdown of checked bags from Austin to Las Vegas:

At time of booking: USD 18 to USD41, Pre Departure: USD45, At Airport: USD 50

There is only one difference between carry-on and checked bag fees is that paying for an overhead carry-on at booking costs USD 5 less. But if you pay for the same bag at the airport, it costs USD 50 each way. The total base fare is USD 74 and Baggage Fee is USD 90. So the total cost of checked bags is USD 164.

Seat Selection

If you want your desired seat on the plane, basically you need to pay for that. Many airlines have now started charging for seat selection. You might be paying an extra amount of money for your desired window seat. Allegiant airlines make this seat selection process a bit expensive as they charge individually per seat.

During the checkout on their official website, you will see a standard seat selection area. However, there is no way to see the cost of a seat until you won't select the seat. In this case, the extra legroom seat in the front of the cabin cost USD 24 each way, while the regular economy seat cost around USD 10 to USD 19, depending on their location.

The trick here is simple, either pay extra for a window or aisle seat if the benefits outweigh the price, or avoid seat selection altogether. There is no valid or smart reason to pay USD 10 for a middle seat.

If we calculate the total cost of seat selection along with the base fare and baggage fees, it goes around USD 202 (base fare $74, baggage fees $90, and seat selection $38)

Other Extra Fees

Cancellation and Change fees; USD 75 per segment (round trip)

Basically, further changes are not allowed on Allegiant fares and the airline charges UDS 75 per segment for cancellations, so the total fare would be $150 for a round trip. Allegiant airlines allow you to buy 'trip flex' protection for USD 75 each way, which effectively renders the fare fully refundable.

Here are some other extra fees that Allegiant Airlines charges from its customers:

  • Boarding pass printing: USD 5
  • Food and beverage: USD 2 to USD 7
  • Phone booking fee: USD 14.99 per segment
  • Pet fee: $100 per segment

Some Best Packages of Allegiant Airlines

Allegiant Airlines provides some amazing flight packages at the cheapest rates. The low-cost airline provides the best deal for you. Here are the names of some cheap and nonstop flights provided by Allegiant Airlines; (All flights take off from Cincinnati, Ohio)

  • Cincinnati, OH to Destin/Fort Walton Beach FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Fort Lauderdale, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Fort Myers/Punta Gorda, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Jacksonville, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Jacksonville, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Key West, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Las Vegas, NV (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Myrtle Beach, SC (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to New Orleans, LA (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to New York City/Newark, NJ ​​(Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Norfolk, VA (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Orlando/Sanford, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati OH to Palm Beach, FL (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati OH to Phoenix/Mesa, AZ (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati OH to Providence, RI (Nonstop)
  • Cincinnati, OH to Sarasota/Bradenton, FL (Nonstop)


In this ultimate guide to Allegiant Airlines fees and packages, we tried to cover all the fees including various hidden charges. Undoubtedly, this airline charges a lot of fees from its customers. In our content, the cost of the base airfare is more than twice once seat selection and baggage were included, and this didn't carry other hidden charges like higher bag fees at the airport or boarding pass printing fees.

So with this information, you can easily save your money and it will not put any extra burden on your pocket. Therefore, plan your trip with Allegiant Airlines smartly with our guide.

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