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Styles of logos: what are they, what is the difference

07 May 2022, 01:24 GMT+10


The abundance of logos that surround us everywhere creates a feeling of a variety of graphic shapes and colors, in which it is increasingly difficult to stand out, but it is so easy to get lost. Sometimes, it seems that their number has long exceeded the number of stars in the sky. But, there is always a chance to create something unique, a logo that will make your brand stand out from the competition. In this article, we will talk about logo styles and which one to choose. And you can create a logo in the online constructor Turbologo.

What is a logo

In the continuous and ever-increasing flow of advertising information, the risk of "depersonalization" of market participants inevitably increases - this is natural. And here it is the logo that has the proud status of the 'face' of the company, so its uniqueness significantly increases the chances of successful brand promotion.

The logo, as an invariable attribute of any existing company, bears a serious responsibility - figuratively, but clearly, effectively and succinctly convey certain information to the consumer and at the same time adequately represent the one who stands behind this symbol. Ways and methods of achieving these goals in the process of developing marketing technologies have been constantly improved.

Of course, the appearance of interesting and beautiful ideas does not depend on the "evolutionary" level of the advertising industry - they are born at all times. However, this does not mean that we can discount the results of progress - more and more effective, thoughtful, meaningful and, finally, simply non-standard approaches to logo development, when the characteristics of various categories of consumers, the psychology of perception and many other aspects are taken into account.

Thus, the age of PR and information technology has turned advertising into an art, where even today (as, for example, in painting) one can distinguish their 'historically established' styles and trends. You will read about them further.

Logo styles

Logos by Mahjabin Afrin

Spiral motifs

Initially, the spiral was associated with the concepts of life and death: it is an image of the deployment of life force (life), and at the same time - endless immersion (death). The helix depicted on the logo creates a sense of depth and evokes associations with evolutionary processes, acting as a symbol of the DNA helix.

This style also includes images of circles spreading on the water, the whirlpool effect, the image of the movement of outer space … Such a large-scale and multidimensional symbol invariably introduces an element of philosophy into the logo, embodies the spirit of progress and freedom. It is associated with scientific activity, medicine, research, creates a sense of globality.

Style based on simple geometric shapes

Visual simplicity, on the one hand, facilitates perception, and, on the other hand, it can border on a frank primitive, which in this case is the most difficult to avoid. The main geometric shapes that can be seen in the logos of this style are the circle, square and triangle. The circle gives the image completeness, traditionally symbolizes continuous development, perfection, unity, its closed form evokes a feeling of security.

The triangle represents the desire for success, the achievement of some peaks and, meanwhile, speaks of solidity. The square symbolizes equality, order, is associated with strength and stability. The symbolism of these figures is rich and aimed at creating an appropriate visual effect. However, whether it will be achieved depends on the level of professionalism of the designer, his sense of taste.

Drip dot style

Logos made in this style, as a rule, evoke technical or scientific associations. The shape of a drop is taken as the basis here, which can also symbolize the smallest particles (molecules, atoms). Drops can be located both separately and in a symbolic merger with each other. At the same time, the shapes also vary: from flat to 3D-style shapes. For the most part, logos built on "divergent drops" consist of a series of dots that increase or decrease in a clear mathematical sequence.

Flora and fauna style

Most often, when the image of an animal is taken as the basis of a symbol, this means that the company seeks to 'project' any signs of this character onto itself, causing the consumer to associate with it. For example, the image of a horse speaks of strength and endurance, but at the same time emphasizes elitism; a cheetah represents speed, which is quite appropriate on the logo of a delivery service, and a hamster with big puffy cheeks could look organically on the emblem of an ATM…

This tactic is mainly used by small and medium-sized companies. Images of the plant world more clearly reflect the connection with nature, giving rise to associations with purity, naturalness, natural products.

Style based on the principle of deformation

If you take any flat geometric shape and tilt it or 'wrap' it around a sphere or other three-dimensional figure, then there will be a two-dimensional effect. Such a graphic solution, as a rule, is used on the logos of companies related to the field of communications, the Internet space.

How to choose a logo style

Finally, we will give you tips on choosing styles, fonts and colors for your future logo. The most important condition is that the logo design matches the interests of the target audience and the activities of your company.

How to choose a style

The style will directly depend on the activities of your company. Do you manufacture the latest computers? Choose "deformed" elements. Do you sell or manufacture bicycles? The drop-dot style, or cubism, is suitable for you. The style also depends on what you want to convey to your clients.

How to choose a logo font

You need to rely on style so that everything looks very organic. Also think about whether you want to show yourself as something more strict - choose a branded inscription, and if you want to convey emotion - then calligraphy or a handwritten font.

Which colors to choose for the logo

Colors directly depend on the chosen style. You should not combine more than 4 colors in the logo, otherwise it will look too bright and ridiculous. Look at the palette of colors that can be combined with each other and choose the one that perfectly conveys the mood of your company.

That's all! We hope that our tips will help you choose the best style for your logo. Good luck!

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