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What to Do When You're Locked Out of Your Car

04 Nov 2022, 16:24 GMT+10

Got locked out of the car and trying to find a quick solution? Well, it happens to hundreds of people every day and they get out of the situation pretty easily. You will get out of the situation as well. There are a million ways to unlock the car, however, some of the solutions are not worth consideration. Here are a few things that you do to unlock the car;

  • Stop panicking
  • Find the spare keys
  • Unlock through the app
  • Try some old-fashioned ways to get out of the problem
  • Handover the job to a car lockout service
  • Contact a locksmith

Stop panicking

Whether your car is locked or you are in any other unfavorable situation, the first thing you need to do is relax. Almost every problem in this world has a solution. Therefore, the problem you are in right now would eventually be resolved as well. Stop panicking to think properly and find the best solution.

Find the spare keys

Almost everything that gets locked comes with spare keys. Therefore, there are some solid chances that you have a spare key as well. You might have stored it in some secure place at home. If you are locked out somewhere near your home, do not opt for any other solution. Try to get the spare key instead. Call a family member and request him/her to bring you the key or go find it yourself.

Unlock through the app

If you are fortunate enough to get locked out of the newest model car, you can unlock it through an app as well. You do not need any spare key or anything to get the job done. Download your auto manufacturer's mobile app, signup, and unlock the car. If you already have an account on the app, you would only have to do a few clicks to unlock the car.

Try some old-fashioned ways to get out of the problem

If none of the above-mentioned methods works for you, you might have been using the oldest model. Therefore, you have to try some old-fashioned solutions. You have to use a string, fishing line, a wire cloth hanger, an inflatable pump wedge, or a strip of sturdy plastic to unlock the car. However, to try any of these old-fashioned solutions you have to be cunning enough to unlock the car without damaging the lock.

Handover the job to a car lockout service

When you are stuck in some place where you can neither get the spare key, not access the app or try any other solution, call the car lockout service. The lockout service provider would reach you with the best solution and unlock the car in a few minutes. The car lockout service would charge a few dollars for the service, it's quite fair as your car lock would not be damaged and you would not have to do anything except call the car lockout service. Every car owner can get stuck in this problem, therefore save a car lockout service provider's number in your phone to be able to reach it in an emergency.

Contact a locksmith

Calling a locksmith in this situation can also be quite helpful in this situation. The locksmiths are trained to unlock the cars and locked doors without damaging them. Therefore, try calling the Auto locksmith. However, you have to make sure the locksmith is licensed and trustworthy. Otherwise, you can get into some serious trouble.

In brief, When due to negligence or any other reason you get locked out of a car, the first thing you need to do is relax. Try to find the spare key, logging into the manufacturer's app, using the string, fishing line, a wire cloth hanger, an inflatable pump wedge, or a strip of sturdy plastic, or calling a car lockout service or locksmith. It will help you unlock without damaging the carlock.

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