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Robot Waiter - A Unique Marketing Tool

21 Nov 2022, 23:24 GMT+10

We live in an image-conscious age, where we love to upload photos of ourselves whenever we go out to eat. We open Snapchat to take pictures of weird and unusual stuff. Consider visiting a restaurant where the waiters are robots. A robot waiters will draw attention to your social media accounts. Robot waiters are becoming more prevalent these days with restaurants looking to elevate their social media presence.

When were robot waiters introduced in markets?

Since COVID-19, restaurants around the country have faced issues such as finding cost-effective solutions to labor scarcity, increasing wait times, standing in line for hours, and frustrated customers. People were only allowed to stand six feet apart. These issues prompted restaurant proprietors to innovate. They introduced waiter robots to increase productivity. These technological machines not only alleviate the labor shortage issue, but do so at a reduced cost.

How do robot waiters work?

A serving robot that functions as an interactive helper in restaurants is known as a robot waiter. They can serve as receptionists, bring food and beverages, bus tables, create an interactive environment, and provide advice and instructive explanations.

A robot waiter does not operate autonomously; they require staff people to load orders, direct them, and provide dishes with instructions. They don't take orders from customers; instead, the staff instruct them to conduct their respective tasks.

How can robot waiters help you?

The use of a robot waiter improves the productivity and dependability of your operation. They can transport heavier loads than a human waiter in a single trip while alleviating workers of the mundane chore of moving dishes to and from tables. This allows human workers to do what they do best, spend more time interacting with customers. People are drawn to robots as a unique dining experience, bringing them back as repeat customers with other friends who have yet to see them.

How might robot waiters help with marketing?

Social media is an effective marketing tool. Customers will snap photos and selfies with their robot waitress as well as photos of their delicious food platters and load them up to their respective social media accounts, helping the restaurants elevate their brand awareness and improve media exposure for free.

How does Bellabot appeal to customers as a waitress?

The Pudu Robotics Bellabot waitress is designed with a cat personality. It includes four trays, a touchscreen, and multiple lidar and IR depth cameras to assist it traverse the dining room. Bella zooms away to serve hot, fresh food once a waiter loads food for a table onto one of the trays and enters a table number.

Bellabot inherits all iterative improvements from previous generation models, as well as the most recent human-robot interaction features. Customers get the best meal delivery robot experience with Bellabot, which includes speech recognition, engaging animations, redundant obstacle avoidance algorithms, and a range of other unique features.

When Bella walks up to the table, it announces the tray designated for the given table. Once the food from that tray is removed, it can proceed to the next table without requiring any human intervention. Once it completes delivering food to all the tables, Bella returns to the designated staging area in the kitchen.

Bella not only looks like a cat, but she also acts like one. Customers can pet the robot on its ears to make it purr after removing its tray. Customers who pet Bella for an extended period can irritate Bella (much like a real cat!) and see and hear it make fun sounds and animations.

Final Thoughts

These robot waiters are not intended to completely take the place of humans. Instead, it supplements their work, allowing them to concentrate more on customer service, especially when the restaurants are understaffed. Using waiter robots in your restaurants will also boost customer traffic and media exposure. Are you looking for a Bellabot for the next generation serving robot in your restaurant? Visit Navia Robotics to get their expertise on whether serving robots can work for you.

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