Sat, 04 Feb 2023

COVID-19 was a globally spreading pandemic, and since it is a new species of virus, it doesn't have any proper treatment or medicine. However, now most people are vaccinating as a precautionary measure to avoid the coronavirus risk.

Besides all of the vaccines, there's a chance that you can have this virus; however, that chance is meagre. Similarly, now biologists have discovered many other antiviral drugs for Corona.

But do you know that you can only prevent the virus attack by consuming some pills? Yes, and here I will tell you How COVID-19 Antiviral Pills Work & Who Is Eligible to Receive Them?

Eligibility to Orally Consume Anti-COVID Pills

The medicines for COVID-19 are usually not accessible without a doctor's prescription. For the following purpose, the two standard tablets used are called Ritonavir Paxlovid.

Moreover, its best and most affordable alternative is Paxzen, a generic version of the respective medicine.

Both of these medicines have different eligibility criteria; however, it also depends on the condition and age of the patient. Similarly, it would be best if this medication is used only after the advice of a doctor.

Paxzen is Suitable for:

  • Older than 12 years old, having a weight of a minimum of 88 pounds.
  • Those who have tested positive for COVID-19 and those with a high risk of rapid viral growth can take this medicine for cure.

Molnupiravir is Effective for:

  • Patients having severe development of the virus should use this.
  • Children below 18 are not allowed to consume this drug.
  • If the doctor suggests you this to them, you can use them.

Why are These Two Medicines Distinct from Each Other?

Besides the similar purpose, both medicines are still slightly different in working. Both are very effective for preventing Corona and its symptoms; however, the conditions to consume it also vary.

Paxlovid is taken with two more medicines and only then works effectively. These two pills are named Nirmatrelvir and Ritonavir.

Both are prescribed by doctors in combination, where one prevents replication of the virus, and the other supports Nirmatrelvir Tablets from breaking down until their work is finished. Studies on this medication set show that it has reduced almost 90% of Corona cases from hospitalization.

Similarly, the other medicine is given with a combination of four other tablets. It also prevents the virus from replicating; however, these are taken every 12 hours for five days.

Which One is the Best Medicine?

Paxzen Tablet is the best medicine for COVID 19and it is also readily available. This drug is produced by Zenara Pharma, a very well-known pharmaceutical in India.

It is also available easily from any medical store, online or offline. Moreover, you can Buy Paxzen Tablets at a very reasonable price.

It has 30 medicines in total, which includes combination medicines of 20 & 10, respectively. Each box is bought for a maximum of 4800 INR. Similarly, as compared to Pfizer's drugs is 70% cheaper.

You can buy the substitute of Paxzen Tablet from 24×7 Pharma which is Primovir 150 mg, Movfor 200 mg and so on.. Just check it out.

Are There Any Harmful Side Effects of Paxzen?

Common Side Effects

Every strong antiviral medicine has some mild side effects, and so as this medicine has. Usual side effects of Paxzen include:

  • Diarrhoea & change in taste
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Slightly muscle pain

You don't have to worry if you have any of these side effects; however, you may need help if these symptoms last longer.

Rare Side Effects

Some rare side effects that need immediate medical help are:

  • Serious Allergic reactions
  • Itching & Swelling
  • Severe dizziness
  • Breathlessness
  • Swelling of face, tongue, throat

These are the side effects discovered by doctors to date. However, there might be more conditions, so if anyone has any symptoms, they should discuss them with their doctor.

The medication should be stopped if any of the symptoms are found in the patient; otherwise, it can worsen. Moreover, you can treat these side effects if treated on time, so don't ignore them.

Do I Still Need to Take Pills When I Don't Have Symptoms?

One of the most common mistakes is that people don't start treatment as soon as they are tested positive and wait for the symptoms to be shown. However, no one should wait for treatment if he's tested positive for Corona because early treatment can reduce health loss.

Since the virus replicates rapidly, it is perilous to wait for the symptoms. However, the reason for not feeling symptoms can be because you have better immunity, so the virus couldn't damage much, but it can become severe if not treated.

Doctors also suggest you get treated as soon as you get the test results, even when you don't feel sick. Similarly, it will be good for your health if you call for early treatment to recover faster from the immunity damage.

Is There Still a Need to Get Vaccinated?

These oral medicines can never work as a vaccine because these cannot be consumed as a precautionary measure. Vaccination is essential even when you're not tested positive because it will reduce the risk of getting attacked by the virus and strengthen your immunity.

Similarly, pills are not post-exposure prevention of Corona. There's no medicinal alternative to the vaccine, and there are many conditions for taking pills; therefore, unlike COVID-19, they are not suitable for everyone. Furthermore, you can take a vaccine even after you are attacked by the disease.

Although there are many rumours about vaccination, and you may be hesitant to get one, please ensure that the information is accurate and do some research. You can also consult your doctor if you are still avoiding vaccination.

Bottom Line

No doubt medicines are very effective but only when you are infected, not before. Similarly, COVID-19 vaccination is a must, and no one should avoid it. Protect yourself and your family, and vaccinate to prevent health issues.

As it is said, "Prevention is better than cure", so we should not wait for the virus to attack, and beforehand, we should take precautionary measures. However, research shows that an unvaccinated person is twice as likely to be infected by coronavirus than those vaccinated.

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