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Fuel Wheels, or Fuel Off-Road Wheels as it is commonly known, have become practically synonymous with pickup trucks for several years now. The company was set up in 2009 and its establishment coincided with the rapid increase in the demand for stylish and durable off-road rims that did not cost a fortune.

Of course, this is a very competitive niche with several big names. But Fuel has managed to retain a loyal base of clients not only across the United States but worldwide thanks to advanced engineering, impressive and bold styling, superior material management, and several options to choose from for your favorite pickup trucks, SUVs, and ATVs.

Since you own a Ford F-150, there are several Fuel Wheels which will suit your vehicle and increase its style quotient significantly. The F-150 is a true American icon and Fuel has lots of great choices for you.

Let's take you through the 5 top Fuel off-road wheels for your pickup!

5 bestselling Fuel Wheels for pickup trucks

These models are ideal for any pickup truck that plies in the US, and not merely the Ford F-150. You will have to simply match the lug nut count since they vary across makes and models. We would recommend contacting your nearest retail outlet for technical advice on that matter.

1. Fuel D823 Flame 6: The Flame 6 is one of the best-known models of Fuel Wheels and is always in high demand. This 1-piece cast aluminum wheel is designed for off-roading and will fit any vehicle that is capable of off-roading. The 20-inch D823 Flame 6 with a classy gloss black finish accented with red milling on the spokes currently leads in the sales figures.

At 45 pounds each, the 20-inch Flame 6 is a monster on asphalt. It will take on any surface and has an enhance resistance to damage.

The 20-inch D823 Flame 6 also allows you to mount bigger tires that have a lot more rubber and boast superior sidewalls to conquer hostile terrains. While you can opt for tires manufactured by Fuel Wheels (yes, Fuel also has a tire range!), it's your choice in the end.

2. Fuel D741 Runner: The awesome and muscular D741 Runner is generally associated with modified and lifted trucks. Indeed, it has become a cult favorite with owners of modded Ford and GMC trucks, even as it is rapidly gaining in popularity with RAM lovers.

Try out the 22-inch Runner in a gloss black finish that is at once simple and modern. The Runner comes in 3 lug nut patterns, and you'll have to be watchful. Most F-150s have a 6-bolt pattern; that said, the company often changes the count.

The 22-inch Runner is one of the market leaders when it comes to full-and-mid-sized SUVs. At 43 pounds, it might seem a tad heavy. But you can expect the classic motto of Fuel Wheels - 'never compromise' - to come true with every purchase.

3. Fuel D754 Reaction: This is a perfect name for a near-perfect off-road wheel! Fuel decided to break the mold of single-tone and somber colors and launched the D754 in a catchy milled candy red finish. The color is the first thing you will probably notice; it brings even the most bruised and battered vehicle to life.

This finely milled candy red Reaction has always been a huge draw for Jeep lovers. Trust the charming but muscular wheel to add another layer of solid spunk to a Grand Cherokee or a Gladiator or a Wrangler.

You can break the mold too by opting for a set of 20-inch D754s for your thumping-new Ford F-150! Expect to turn heads and break hearts wherever you are.

4. Fuel D538 Maverick: One of the oldest models that receives incremental updates (and generates huge sales volumes) every year is the iconic Fuel Maverick. The D538 Maverick sits comfortably on a list of competitors of off-road rims that are as popular with the pickup van community as it is with the SUV club.

The Maverick from Fuel Wheels can be your F-150's best friend since it has the looks, strength, performance capability, and enviable durability for long journeys on tough terrains. This is an 8-spoke 1-piece cast aluminum wheel crafted out of 6061-T6 grade aluminum, just like all the other jet-setting models on this list.

If you are new to the world of Fuel off-road rims, go for the 22-inch D538 Maverick in a black milled finish. It will suit your vehicle like a new glove and while it is slightly heavy at 54 pounds, you will face zero difficulties in navigating the truck. The impact on the fuel charges is negligible.

5. Fuel D614 Contra: The Fuel Contra looks best in chrome, and it's a welcome departure from the traditional off-road rim finishes. It is probably the sassiest model from Fuel Wheels after the candy red D754 Reaction. Unlike the chrome models from other companies, the D614 Contra is easy to clean and maintain.

The Contra is slightly more concave than the other models here and also a bit more expensive. However, it can take you anywhere and will help you tow other vehicles as well if and when needed and is one of the hardiest off-road rims available at the moment.

Tee off with the 20-inch D614 Contra; it is relatively lightweight and fits all models of pickup trucks and SUVs. The chrome Contra is a fine balance of elegance and strength.

A few last word

It is always advisable to purchase brand-new Fuel Wheels from recognized and reputable retail outlets only. The domestic market is full of cheap imitations, and you must be careful.

We generally rely on AudioCity USA in Santa Fe Springs, CA, for the record.

In the end, it is your call!

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