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Perhaps once upon a time people did the same thing that essay writing companies do now. Our older friends and relatives studied at the university and also used essay writing services. They knew people who understood everything and wrote excellent essays, diplomas, and dissertations. Therefore, using the advice of friends, they turned to such people. These people helped them successfully complete the semester of study.

Now everything has moved to the Internet. People who used to write essays for their classmates graduated from universities and went to work in companies that scaled this activity. Now by going to Google and just typing 'buy an essay paper online' you can find an endless number of sites that provide such services.

In this article, we have published reviews of real people who ordered essays on such sites. Because we asked our journalists to play the role of students and ordered academic papers from several services. We've seen reviews of websites that we've checked ourselves before. So we decided to do another test.

Where to buy an essay online?

Finding the best website to buy essays

Look for a reliable and trustworthy service

Find a reliable academic paper writing service. If you do not know how to evaluate the work of a particular service, use the table below

🏆 Content Quality100% Original Papers
✔ Affordable price for youDecent cost of papers
✍ Wide Choice of DisciplinesSubjects to choose from
⏰On-time Papers SendingDelivery that meet deadlines
✔Chat with Support TeamAvailable workers that can help you

Read customer reviews and testimonials

Read reviews about the company you want to apply for essay writing. In good and reliable companies, reviews are mostly good. There are no companies without bad reviews. The only difference is that some of the reviews are written by real customers and others are fake.

Check for quality guarantees and revision policies

There should be a place on the company's website for them to indicate their work policy there. See what guarantees for your safety the company offers during cooperation with you. If they have revision policies, read carefully the list of cases where you may require document revision.

Consider the pricing and delivery options

See how affordable prices are for you on the site. There are many companies that operate legally. Some of them offer prices more expensive, some - significantly cheaper.

So where can I buy an essay online?


Interview with Bryan

'-Which service did you check?

-I did buy an essay online from 99Papers.com

-Tell us about your impression of the customer's journey to the order

-The site is quite intuitive, and I liked the way it was made. There is a big order button at the top of the site that is hard to miss. Then there is a field for entering requirements, and convenient lists where you can choose the type of academic paper. I chose an essay with a short deadline, entered the topic of the essay in the comments to the order, paid for it with a bank card, and an expert was chosen for me.

-Was it the only payment function? Only by bank card?

-As far as I remember, no. The site offers to pay for services via PayPal.

-How long did you wait before your order came to your email?

-Well, I set the waiting time to five days. My order came in three days.

-And there were no problems?

-Problems? No. All my requirements were taken into account, even the format that I specified. I'm not sure that I myself would be able to adhere to all the requirements for the correct format if my teacher would set such a condition. Plagiarism in papers was about 2%. I received a good order.

-Aren't you embarrassed that you might be deceived by the site?

-It can be embarrassing if the site doesn't say anything about their work policy. These guys have a lot of information. I read the refund policy and I was pleased to know that they have one. So I stopped doubting.

-Maybe there is something on the site that you liked the most?

-They have a loyalty program. If I were constantly in need of essay writing, I would definitely become a member.

-Could you briefly describe the advantages and disadvantages of the company?

-Of the advantages is that it is inexpensive and fast. Of the shortcomings, it is difficult to say something. The company appears to be reliable.'


Interview with Court

'-What service did you check?

-EssayBox.org is so honored

-What exactly did you do?

-I talked to the support team, ordered an essay paper online, talked to the writer, received my order, and talked to the support team again.

-Are you having problems using the site?

-Not at all. There aren't too many buttons to get confused about where to press. In fact, everything is written there.

-We mean, why did you write to the support team a second time?

-Ah, I accidentally made two identical orders because I thought my previous one didn't ship. It turns out that I paid twice and the support service clarified whether everything was correct. And it turns out I was wrong. I got my money back.

-I understand that the support service is friendly since they themselves offered to refund the money?

-I think yes.

-How quickly did you get your order back?

-I waited about 4-7 business days.

-How do you like your essay?

-I tested it in several copywriting tools. The result was different everywhere, but nowhere did the coefficient of originality fall below 97%. Well, I read, of course, the essay that I ordered. It looked professional.

-Would you recommend this service to students?

-Yeah why not. I was very surprised by such an individual attitude toward the client. What person wouldn't like that?"


Interview with Chris

'Which service did you check?

-I became a verification agent for BookwormLab.com. To be honest, I really liked it. I read so many blog articles while waiting for my order.

-What are the blog articles about?

-It feels like the whole student life. There are written small articles about different situations, a lot of life hacks, reasoning, tips, and several guides on writing different documents. I go to read their blog from time to time when I'm bored.

-How long did you wait for your order that you even managed to read the articles on their website?

-Three hours. I set the most urgent deadline they have. I thought that since there are such prices, you need to play to the end. By the way, they even invested in it a little earlier, somewhere in 2 and a half hours.

-What do you think of the prices here? Are they tall here?

-Yes, from $15 per page. Look, I've always liked paying for quality. On the contrary, I am glad that I found a company that will do everything perfectly, and you will not need to finish after them. I have worked with many companies, not even in this area. When you want to save money you always pay twice.

-And the company really did everything perfectly?

-Are you kidding? I even opened the Thesaurus to learn some new words. I have no complaints about the text and the work of the support service.

-What about your consumer rights?

-By the way, yes! After they sent me my text, I was told that the option of free revisions that are unlimited is available to me. I didn't need another check. But still - that's what reliable service is! They make sure you are satisfied! It is always so nice and justifies any money!

-Maybe there is something unique on the site, what else did you like?

-Yes! Blog! And there is also a price table that is available to all customers. And there are also characteristics of some writers who actually work there. This inspires confidence.

-What are the pros and cons you can highlight?

-Well, the downside is that it's relatively expensive. On the plus side, you know what you pay such money for and get really original papers and excellent service.'


Interview with Matthew

'-Which service did you check?

-I checked EssayFactory.uk which was lovely since I'm British. Please don't judge me for stereotypes.

-Everything is fine. What can you highlight in this experience?

-I got real aesthetic pleasure from the site. It's so simple and yet so fulfilling. I went through all the tabs to assess the security of the site. It is protected by several resources and also uses special technology to protect funds during money transactions. Quality guarantees and money back also say a lot, but I'm used to believing in dull documentation.

-What did you order from them?

-I asked them for a 30-page term paper.

-What can you say about the quality?

-They wrote one page more than I asked for because I included the Bibliography page in the requirements. This is one of the most reliable ways to check the accuracy of information.

-What about using native British words and expressions?

-I was waiting for this question. As you can see, I'm happy with the vocabulary they used there.

-Is there anything unusual on the site that you would like to talk about?

-During the time you make an order on the site, you can choose additional options - both paid and free. In this way, you can significantly improve the quality of your papers. This is just a godsend for the students.'


Interview with Sarah

'-Which service did you check?

-I decided to check out Essays.io first on my list. I can tell you more about it.

-Yes, please. How is this service different from others?

-Actually, a lot. This service is actually engaged in teaching students. It is unlikely to suit those students who just want to buy an essay online cheap and do not make an effort to study. I even received a free book.

-Did they mail the book to you?

-This is an e-book for teaching the basics of writing. I haven't read it yet, but it's still useful. She'll come in handy. I'm going to be a writer, I've talked about this before.

-Then tell me, as a writer, did you order essays from them? How do you like its structure and fullness?

-I didn't order an essay from them. I have ordered a resume.

-Resume for work?


-I'm surprised they even write resumes.

-Listen, they have such a large selection of subjects and types of academic papers - buy an argumentative essay online if you need it. You can order an essay even on Zoology. Almost like rocket science. This is a service that has a large base of writers, and, accordingly, clients. Regarding the quality of work - it is satisfactory. Not to say that the support service is very different from others - but the employees here are well aware of how the company works and what the workflow consists of. I received a high quality resume. Nothing fancy, it's original. I'm sure it will help me stand out among the candidates.

-So, are you really going to use it?

-Yes. It is good. Why not?

-Fine. What about the security of using the site?

-Everything is great, I didn't notice any problems. All information is protected. Although initially, it was difficult to trust such a cheap service.

-How much do their services cost?

-From $9.45.

-And the price does not affect the security of the company?

-To my surprise, no. The company provides a quality guarantee, free document verification, and money back.

-Would you recommend this service to students?


Advantages of buying essays online


You don't have to go anywhere and you don't have to call anyone. This is very convenient if you remember late in the evening that you need to write an essay for tomorrow. These services can help you a lot.


An essay page does not cost hundreds of dollars, so such services are quite affordable for students. Basically, such services set the cost of 12-13 dollars per page. However, we do not recommend using services that lower the price below 8 or raise it above 20.


Most often, the quality of papers written by special companies is much better than those written by students. This is because employees approach each task individually and devote more time to it.


Essay writing services are professionals. They go through a rigorous selection process before being hired. Your essay will not be written by someone who has never done it.

Improved grades

According to what is written above, it is logical that your college grades will improve significantly. So can I buy an essay online? Sure you can!

Risks associated with buying essays online


Unscrupulous companies copy information from the Internet, and thus plagiarism can get into your documents. And no teacher at the university will accept such a job from you.

Low quality work

The mismatch between the requirements of the task and the actual result means that you have wasted time and money.

Scams and frauds

Fraudsters are engaged in illegal activities in the essay writing market. Therefore, do not let them offend you, and do not order services from them. We wrote about how to identify a scammer at the beginning of the article.

Privacy concerns

All legit writing companies should have a customer security policy that should always be publicly available.


Check companies carefully before placing an order with them. Read reviews from real people and explore websites. Better you spend more time checking the service and get a high quality essay.

Use one of the services that our journalists have checked. So you definitely will not go wrong in choosing a reliable assistant!

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