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Digital signage is an excellent tool for grabbing your customers' attention and making a good impression. You might have even gone through a couple rounds of design, deciding on content and getting them up on the wall.

But with so many different variables involved in a digital sign, it's easy to make unnoticeable mistakes that may have a noticeable impact. So what is it that you should know to avoid mistakes with digital signage?

In this guide, we'll highlight the most common mistakes with digital signage and how they can be avoided. Let's get started!

1. Wrong Screen Location

One of the biggest digital signage mistakes made by businesses is the placement of the screen. You want your screen to be seen, so find a spot with lots of visibility.

Avoid placing the screen in the corner of the room, behind a column, or in a hallway. Make sure it's not blocked by anything. A shelf or too much furniture can shield the screen from potential viewers.

Another tip is to ensure that the screen is in direct light. Directly behind a window or a skylight can wreak havoc with the screen's visibility.

Installing a privacy filter can help mitigate this, but it's best to avoid the conflict in the first place.

2. Wrong Viewing Angle

Having the correct viewing angle is essential for engagement. It allows viewers to understand and best interpret the message you are trying to communicate.

To ensure you get the best viewing angle, place the display in locations where the viewers are facing head-on with the screen. This helps ensure the viewers retain the message you are trying to convey and do not miss important elements.

Make sure to check the positioning of your display constantly. Ensure it is placed correctly.

3. Using The Wrong Screen Brightness

LCD screens are delicate and can easily be damaged due to turning the wrong display brightness. Display brightness is measured in Nits and should be determined based on the ambient light in the space it will be viewed in.

Digital signage can quickly become washed out without the correct brightness, making it difficult to read. Excessive brightness can also strain the viewer's eyes, causing strain and increased eye fatigue.

Brightness settings should be constantly monitored and adjusted as necessary. This is to maintain optimal visibility while avoiding eye strain.

Having the right brightness level will ensure your message is seen and legible.

4. Choosing The Wrong Screen Size

Incorrect digital screen size for your signage can significantly reduce the effectiveness of your signage. If your screen is too small, viewers may be unable to read the visuals clearly, and if it is too large, it may dwarf the content.

Keep in mind the size of your space, the number and type of viewers, and the viewing distance when selecting your screen. Larger, high-contrast, and high-resolution displays should ensure your viewers can see the content, even if they are far away. The budget should also be taken into consideration when making the purchase.

Investing in the wrong size of digital signage can result in wasted funds and require replacement sooner than expected. It is best to consult a professional for guidance and advice to get the best size for your needs.

5. Wrong Font Size

Font size matters significantly when it comes to legibility, both in terms of readability and aesthetics. If the font size is too small, it will be difficult to read, leaving viewers frustrated or annoyed.

On the other hand, if the font size is too large, it can be challenging to fit the content within a banner or create a good display quality. It is essential to find a font size that is the right balance between the two.

Considering the viewing distance when making font size decisions is also essential, as this will affect readability. Adjusting the font size on your digital signage can provide an enhanced user experience and improved readability.

6. Not Optimizing Your Digital Signage Software

One of the most common mistakes with digital signage for your business is not optimizing your digital signage software properly. This can lead to costly efficiency losses. It can also cause potential customers to lose trust in your product or service.

Digital signage software should be checked regularly. This is to ensure it is up to date and running smoothly.

Additionally, for maximum effectiveness, the different elements of the software should be set up to complement each other. It must provide a seamless user experience.

Without thoughtful optimization, your digital signage may lack impact. It will not be engaging enough.

But if done correctly, digital signage has the potential to dramatically increase customer understanding and engagement with your product or service.

For this reason, the optimization of digital signage software should not be overlooked.

7. Static Digital Content

Another common mistake to avoid for your business is having digital signage that is not engaging for viewers. It is important to have dynamic digital content that is visually appealing.

It should also be effective at communicating what your business is about. Using basic or dull graphics and having too many words or complicated graphics can quickly turn off viewers. Furthermore, inappropriate visuals can have a negative effect on your business.

For this reason, it's essential to utilize Digital Signage & Video Wall Solutions to ensure your digital signage is effective and eye-catching.

8. Poor Scheduling

For businesses using digital signage, poor scheduling is a common mistake to avoid. It will lose effectiveness if your digital signage isn't updated to reflect the current promotions or information.

Often, businesses forget to update their slogans, visuals, and timelines. This leads to outdated content that won't get the attention it needs.

Building an effective system and timeline ensures your digital signage is always up-to-date and on track with current promotions. Additionally, monitoring your content and ensuring it's engaging and at the right length to hold people's attention is essential.

Poor scheduling of digital signage can lead to customers feeling unengaged or confused. Thus leading to a higher chance of them simply ignoring or bypassing the display.

Avoid These Common Mistakes With Digital Signage

Digital signage is one of the most powerful tools for businesses to increase visibility, increase sales, and reach a wider audience. To get the most out of digital signage, it's essential to avoid common mistakes with digital signage.

By considering the tips mentioned in this article, businesses can reap the benefits of digital signage and reach their marketing goals. Don't delay! Try it today!

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