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6 FAQs About Florida Prison Visitation-Answered!

21 May 2023, 20:24 GMT+10

What's one of the most important values we bestow on our loved ones and the members of our families? Family values.

We all place such importance on family dynamics and setting clear boundaries for our loved ones about respecting each other and exercising compassion in their lifestyles.

Families sometimes find themselves apart. We may find ourselves on the outside of prison walls. We also find we want to get as close to our families and loved ones as possible.

That's where prison visitation comes into play. We want and need to know details on visitation to pass on to our incarcerated loved ones. Keep reading to see what you need to know about Florida prison visitation.

1. What Is the Visitation Process at Florida Prisons?

Visitors must submit a Visitor Information Form and provide valid, government-issued photo identification; visitors who do not comply with these requirements will not be allowed into the prison. Children under age 16 must be accompanied by an adult and may be subject to additional requirements as well.

Visitors are encouraged to dress modestly to ensure the safety and security of the facility. During the visit, there are a few practices visitors should note-including no physical contact, no weapons of any kind, and leaving all electronic devices such as cell phones or tablets with prison staff.

Following the visitation, inmate search is subject to compliance and should be prepared to have the visitation cut short if the search reveals any suspicious activity.

2. Who Is Eligible for Visitation in Florida Prisons?

Visitors must meet certain criteria in order to be eligible for visitation. Generally, visitors must be on the inmate's approved visitation list and be over the age of 18 years. Visitors must not have a prior felony record, identify as a security threat, or be listed as a victim or witness in the inmates' criminal matter in order to be eligible.

The Department of Corrections reserves the right to deny visitation regardless of whether a person meets the criteria outlined here if there are reasonable grounds to do so. Any visitor who fails to adhere to the Department's regulations may also be denied visitation.

All visitors are subject to a background check and handbook review prior to being eligible for visitation. Visitors must also adhere to the prison's dress code and cannot bring or use any prohibited items. If visitors violate the programmed visitation rules, they may be removed from the facility or program.

3. What Are the Rules of Visitation in Florida Prisons?

All visits must be scheduled in advance. Visitors may be searched and must adhere to dress code standards. No cell phones, cameras, or other electronic devices are permitted. Legal documents, religious materials, and books can be brought in but must be reviewed before being allowed into the Florida prison.

All materials must come from a recognized bookseller or establishment. Visitors may bring food, but it must be pre-packaged and served in the designated vending machine areas. Jailor staff reserves the right to limit who you bring in and may ask visitors to leave at any time.

Knowing the visitation rules allows the visitor to prepare for the corrections facility, adhere to laws and regulations, and protect the safety of inmates and visitors. Respect the rules and regulations to ensure an efficient and safe visitation experience.

4. What Are the Specific Items Prohibited During Visitation?

Items prohibited during visits include but are not limited to, electronic devices such as tablets, phones, and cameras, tobacco products and lighters, alcohol, firearms, weapons, aerosol items, food, and beverages.

Additionally, visitors may not bring any items of current or former inmates, banned books, newspapers, and magazines, and banned clothing items such as hats, bandanas, grills, and chains with religious medallions.

All personal belongings must be placed in the lockers provided, as carrying bags are not allowed in the facility. Offenders will have access to a vending area during visitation times with pre-approved items for purchase.

5. Are There Covid-19 Restrictions on Prison Visitation in Florida?

To keep staff and inmates safe during the pandemic, all visits are conducted virtually. Visitors must set up an online account and log into the visitor portal to connect with the Florida inmate. Visits will need to be scheduled at least 48 hours in advance. Each visit must be shorter than 30 minutes, and only two visitors are allowed at a time.

Attorneys and clergy members may still be allowed to conduct in-person visits, but these must be pre-approved by the facility. All visitors must complete forms online, and inmates must test negative for Covid-19 before they are allowed visitors. Additional restrictions may be in place depending on the particular prison facility.

6. What Do You Need to Prepare for a Prison Visit in Florida?

It is important for individuals to prepare for a prison visit, which includes arriving early and being able to present proper identification.

Once admitted, visitors will pass through security, including a request to empty all pockets, remove outerwear, and walk through a metal detector.

A Guide to the Florida Prison Visitation

Florida prison visits are allowed in many cases. It is important to understand all the requirements to ensure a successful visit. Florida prison visitation has restrictions to ensure the safety of visitors and prisoners.

Make sure to obey all rules and regulations to ensure a safe visit. Contact the Florida Department of Corrections for specific questions and instructions. Start planning your visit today!

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